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Beijing has been flexing its muscle tissues within the disputed waters in latest weeks amid rising tensions between China and western-aligned nations. China has stepped up its naval operations, together with in the direction of the island nation of Taiwan off the Chinese mainland, which Beijing claims as its personal. From final year Chinese navy plane have continuously flown via Taiwan’s air defence identification zone off its south-western coast.

According to Dr Jonathan Sullivan, a China specialist and political scientist on the University of Nottingham, Beijing has been bolstering the navy may of its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) so it might feasibly launch an invasion of Taiwan.

He instructed “The Communist regime is obviously heavily invested in ‘recovering’ Taiwan, but it also acknowledges the above risks and so is unlikely to invade unless it feels there is no other option to prevent ‘Taiwan independence’.

“In recent years it has ratcheted up the pressure on Taiwan and bellicose rhetoric, and is busily readying itself through military modernisation to be in a position to credibly take Taiwan.” 

Last week the PLA displayed its fashionable navy prowess with an indication of a few of China’s most superior warships to rejoice its 94th anniversary.

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The PLA Navy launched footage of three plane carriers, the combat-ready Liaoning, and the newly commissioned Chinese-made vessels, the Shandong and Hainan.

The three ships all performed naval workouts final week, together with drills by the Shandong within the South China Sea, in accordance Beijing-affiliated media. 

The oil and fish-rich waters are closely contested by Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam, which all have particular person territorial claims to components of the area.

The US and UK have each despatched warships to the area in latest weeks, which has enraged Beijing.

A 2020 report back to Congress by the office of the US Secretary of Defence says that the PLA goals to develop into a “world-class military by the end of 2049.”

The report additionally says that 2049 is the date by which China hopes for the “full reunification” of all its claimed territories, together with Taiwan. 

While acknowledging the navy positive aspects China has made in relation to the US, Dr Sullivan mentioned he nonetheless thought a Chinese marketing campaign to take Taiwan was unlikely within the speedy future.

He mentioned: “The military balance has shifted, but it is still not yet a slam dunk, and thus we are not yet at a point where an invasion is remotely likely.

“If only because China has many other levers it can use to increase Taiwan’s discomfort that fall short of invasion. Neither is it on the cards that Taiwan will declare independence.

“But the underlying danger that a clash over Taiwan could precipitate open warfare between the US and China is always there, and so this question always provokes interest.”

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