Perth drowned in a three-day lockdown after a local case of coronovirus

Millions of Western Australians have drowned in a three-day lockout, as local cases of coronovirus are forced to shut down the business and Azac Day services have been canceled

Millions of people in Western Australia have drowned in a three-day lockout after two local cases of coronovirus.

Midnight residents in the Perth and Peel area will be closed until Tuesday morning, meaning services have been canceled on Anzek Day morning.

Pubs and restaurants can only take food and residents must wear masks when leaving the house for essential reasons such as exercise and medical care.

Millions of Western Australians have drowned in a three-day lockout after a local case of coronovirus

This came after a 54-year-old man who left Perth Mercure Hotel went around in quarantine and the community tested positive in Melbourne on Friday morning and his friend tested positive in Perth.

Premier Mark McGowan revealed the man, who departed Shanghai on April 17, Lived in Cardinia with a friend and her two children and went to the Elysian restaurant that night.

Friend had a rapid Kovid test today and yielded positive results.

On April 18, the Victorian case visited a swimming pool in the southern suburbs.

He had coffee and dinner at Northridge and stayed at St. Catherine’s College at WA University.

On 19 April, he went to Northbridge to visit a Chinese traditional medicine doctor, and then stayed the same night at St Catherine’s College.

The next day, he visited Kings Park and Northbridge again. On April 21, he had breakfast in a common area at St. Catherine’s College before his friend left for the airport.

He boarded a 1.05am flight QF778 from Perth to Melbourne that afternoon and tested positive despite no symptoms.

Genomic testing has confirmed the virus spread in the hotel corridors that was returned from India.

The man was staying in the room next to the couple.

A pregnant mother and her four-year-old daughter, who were living in the corridor, have also tested positive and are in quarantine at the hotel.

Premier Mark McGowan has announced that Mercure will no longer return foreign passengers.

Instead the next month will transition to a ‘low-risk’ quarantine hotel for a flight-load of seasonal workers arriving from Tonga and Vanuatu.

Government-issued documents showed that he was aware of the risk factors at his quarantine hotels.

Chief Health Officer Andy Robertson received a report on 8 April identifying three hotels – Mercure, Sheraton Four Points and Novotel Langley – as ‘high risk’ for ventilation issues.

Dr. Robertson wrote to the Premier last Friday that Mercure was the highest risk of the three hotels and that it should no longer accommodate returning travelers.

The mother, who is six months pregnant, and her daughter tested positive that day at Mercure.

In his letter to the chief, Drs. Robertson said the risks could be mitigated by changes such as installing HEPA air filters in rooms with positive cases.

“The assessment of the three high-risk hotels suggests that the Mercure Hotel is probably the least difficult, positively pressurized rooms, opening windows, and the age of the facility,” he wrote.

‘The other two high-risk hotels (Four Points Sheraton, Novotel Langley) are easier to reduce than previously implemented and recommended measures.’

The ventilation report was commissioned in January in Sherton after a security guard contracted COVID-19, which had a five-day lockdown.

Andrew Miller, president of the Australian Medical Association WA, said it was unacceptable that previously healthy travelers had contracted the virus within hotel quarantine, something that has happened in other states as well.

Mr. McGowan said WA’s nine quarantine hotels were accommodating more than 2000 international arrivals on any given day.

He said states’ refusal to consider their proposal to move passengers to Commonwealth facilities such as military bases or detention centers were left to run ‘incomplete’ quarantine hotels.

Guests who stayed on the same floor in the Mercure have been re-tested and instructed to self-segregate until approved.

The floor has been cleaned for guests.


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