Joe Biden abruptly ends Q&A session as he cuts off reporters ‘I’m going to get in hassle’ | World | News

Joe Biden held a brief briefing on the North Lawn of the White House to inform reporters and the general public the brand new guidelines on mask-wearing and to give an replace of the CDC tips. But as the resident was leaving, reporters barraged Mr Biden with a number of questions on India to which he reluctantly returned to answer. However many picked up on the President’s issues he might get “in trouble” for staying longer than he ought to with some believing Mr Biden’s aides could also be limiting his time in the general public to keep away from any gaffes.

After delivering his speech outdoors the White House, reporters started shouting out a number of questions at Mr Biden starting from mask-wearing, Vladimir Putin, and the disaster in India. 

Mr Biden took the time to return to the stand to answer the Indian question in depth which requested how the US will assist the struggling nation. 

The sunglass-wearing Democrat returned to the microphone stand and informed reporters: “I’m sorry, this is the last question I’m gonna take or I’m really gonna be in trouble.”

Some viewers questioned why the President made such a weird comment and who was it that Mr Biden would get in hassle with. 

One viewer questioned if it was Mr Biden’s handlers he was referring to who could also be looking for to restrict his time answering questions due to his historical past of gaffes. 

Mr Biden’s well being has additionally been a serious focus from the general public as the President has appeared confused throughout a number of speeches and was seen falling on his method into Air Force One. 

In response to the reporter’s question, Mr Biden mentioned: “With regards to India I spoke at length with [Indian Prime Minister].

“We are sending instantly an entire collection of assist that he wants together with offering Remdesivir and different medication which might be ready to take care of this and forestall and in some circumstances assist get well.

“Secondly we are sending the mechanical parts needed for the machinery they have to build a vaccine. 

Vaccine exports from India were restricted in March so jabs could be used on their population meaning many countries have seen a fall in their dose supply. 

Countries are eager to solve India’s coronavirus crisis to restart exports and have been sending ventilators and oxygen to the struggling nation.

Some fear the US President is deliberately being withheld from public appearances as Mr Biden waited 65 days before taking questions from reporters – the longest of any president in 100 years. 

Mr Biden has suffered several gaffes since entering the White House with many questioning the health of the president.

In March, Mr Biden referred to Vice-president Kamala Harris as “President Harris” throughout a press convention.

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