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The Belgian MEP and outspoken Europhile shared a survey which confirmed which nations had been aligned essentially the most with European unity. In the graph, Spain and Poland had been proven to be on the high of the polls when it comes to whether or not they determine as European or not. Commenting on the figures, Mr Verhofstadt stated on Twitter all “nationalists” had now been confirmed incorrect because of the findings.

He stated: “EU identity is strong, most of all in Flag of Poland & Flag of Spain.

“Poll once more proves nationalists incorrect: EU shouldn’t be solely our previous however our widespread future and other people throughout the EU.”

However, many took to Twitter to point out the difference between European identity and the bloc itself.

One person said: “Still mixing up EU and European, Guy?

“One day you might get it. Regards from a European Brexiteer.”

A second particular person additionally questioned why the excellence between European identity and the EU had not been made by some who voted within the ballot.

They stated: “If I was asked this question I would answer yes because it is self-evidently true that I am European.

“This has nothing to do with the EU.

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Although a europhile, the MEP has additionally been an outspoken critic of how the bloc has acted over a number of points.

Indeed, the MEP has hit out on the EU’s poor vaccination programme, which has solely ramped up in current weeks.

While the UK surge forward with its personal vaccination programme initially of the year, the EU struggled resulting from provide points and clashes with AstraZeneca.

To additional push ahead with the bloc’s vaccine rate, EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen authorised an additional contract with Pfizer for 900 million doses of the drug this week. 

In response, nevertheless, Mr Verhofstadt stated: “EU is making up Down pointing backhand index for its lousy start in handling Covid-vaccination but has yet to draw the political conclusions.

“We want an actual European Health Union, capable of deal with the subsequent disaster higher from day 1.”

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