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In some of the harmful challenges to the EU since Brexit, Mr Orban argued the present European Parliament needs to be disbanded. Instead, he needs a legislature appointed by nationwide parliaments, to safeguard their sovereignty and take the ability away from Brussels.

The Hungarian chief additionally demanded the decision for an “ever closer union” is deleted from the EU Treaty.

He made the feedback in a speech marking the 30-year anniversary of Soviet forces leaving Hungary.

During his speech he accused Brussels of searching for to “punish democratically elected governments it does not like”, utilizing “imperialistic” orders.

He added: “Brussels is led by people who believe that integration is an end in itself.

“Democrats with a national mindset will have to take up the fight against those who wish to create a European empire.”

However, there’s outrage throughout Europe over a brand new Hungarian legislation which bans the “promotion” of homosexuality.

Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, has launched a “rule of law” investigation into the laws.

Mr Orban has clashed repeatedly with EU leaders over immigration, social liberalism and his remedy of the press.

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In response, David Sassoli, the parliament’s president, commented: “Only those who don’t like democracy think about dismantling parliaments.”

Guy Verhofstadt, a liberal MEP and, accused Mr Orban of searching for a “dictatorship”.

The former Belgium prime minister, and outspoken critic of Brexit, has beforehand referred to as for a “United States of Europe”.

He tweeted: “So Viktor Orbán wants to tie the hands of the European Parliament, like he already did with the Hungarian one, and free media, and courts & NGO’s & academics.

“There is a pattern, and it leads all the way to a Putinesque dictatorship.”

On Monday hundreds protested exterior the Hungarian parliament in Budapest, opposing laws focusing on the LGBT neighborhood.

Dominika Pandzsa, a educating assistant, commented: “This is horrible and inhumane.

“They are trying to strip people of all their rights.

“This would lock some kids in the closet, and they should be given the opportunity to come out.”

Major opposition events have united in a bid to kick Mr Orban out of office in subsequent year’s Hungarian elections.

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