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London, Washington and Canberra have shaped a new navy pact, referred to as AUKUS. The information was collectively introduced on Wednesday by Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison.

While not acknowledged explicitly by members, analysts consider AUKUS is a bid to include doable Chinese aggression.

It will embody cooperation on a variety of tasks, together with cyber warfare, synthetic intelligence and drones.

Britain and the US have pledged to assist Australia purchase a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines.

However, this has infuriated France, because it means Australia is tearing up plans to purchase French-built diesel powered submarines.

The EU was neglected of a new UK/US/Australia alliance (Image: GETTY)


The alliance was introduced by Biden, Johnson and Morrison (Image: GETTY)

Florence Parly, the French defence minister, described this as “an enormous disappointment”.

A spokesman for Josep Borrell, the EU’s overseas affairs chief, stated Brussels didn’t get superior warning of the deal.

He stated: “The European Union was not informed of this project and we are in contact to better understand this alliance.

“An analysis of the situation and the repercussions of this alliance will be carried out and the next meeting of EU foreign ministers, scheduled for October 18 in Luxembourg, offers an opportunity for a discussion on this alliance.”

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“Biden made a brutal Trump-style decision” (Image: GETTY)

The submarine contract cancellation has induced outrage throughout the political spectrum in France.

Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French overseas minister, stated: “Biden made a brutal Trump-style decision.

“We had established a relationship of trust with Australia. This trust has been betrayed.”

Gerard Araud, the previous French Ambassador in Washington, tweeted: “The world is a jungle.


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Biden with the flags of the US, UK and Australia (Image: GETTY)


“It will create hundreds of high-skilled jobs across the country” (Image: GETTY)

“France has just been reminded [of] this bitter truth by the way the US and the UK have stabbed her in the back in Australia.”

The new AUKUS alliance was sharply condemned by Beijing, which branded it “extremely irresponsible”.

Zhao Lijian, Chinese Foreign ministry spokesman, claimed the transfer may “severely damage regional peace”.

An editorial within the Global Times, a newspaper managed by the ruling Chinese Communist Party, claimed Australia had “turned itself into an adversary of China”.

After the announcement, Mr Johnson tweeted: “The UK, Australia and the USA are forming a new trilateral defence partnership that will preserve security and stability around the world.

“It will also create hundreds of high-skilled jobs across the country, driving forward our levelling up agenda.”

Mr Morrison stated: “Today, Australia begins an enhanced trilateral security partnership with the UK and the US to enable deeper cooperation on security and defence capabilities.


China reacted with anger to the new alliance (Image: GETTY)

“This is an historic opportunity for our countries to strengthen our nations’ security in uncertain times.”

The new alliance has sparked calls in Europe for the EU to develop its personal navy functionality.

Guy Verhofstadt, previously the European Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator, stated: “The EU’s lack of hard power is a millstone to defend our interests world wide. Allies ignore us, opponents abuse us, citizens distrust us to guarantee their security. This is untenable.

“We need real EU defence, from intelligence to material to troops to back up our sovereignty.”

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