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And one US Congressman has warned Beijing’s nuclear build-up was “unprecedented” – and represented a transparent menace to the West. The Federation of American Federation (FAS) file, printed on Monday stated satellite tv for pc pictures confirmed China was constructing a new subject of 110 silos close to Hami within the japanese a part of its Xinjiang area.

The report got here weeks after one other on the development of about 120 missile silos in Yumen, a desert space about 240 miles (380 km) to the southeast.

In a tweet linked to a New York Times article on the AFS report, US Strategic Command stated: “This is the second time in two months the public has discovered what we have been saying all along about the growing threat the world faces and the veil of secrecy that surrounds it.”

Earlier this month, the State Department called China’s nuclear buildup concerning, accusing China’s President Xi Jinping of deviating from decades of nuclear strategy based around minimal deterrence.

Tensions between Xi Jinping’s China and the US’s Joe Biden have been raised still further (Image: GETTY)

Republican Congressman Mike Rogers

Republican Congressman Mike Rogers (Image: GETTY)

It called on China to engage with it “on sensible measures to scale back the dangers of destabilising arms races.”

Republican Representative Mike Turner, the rating member of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces, stated China’s “unprecedented” nuclear build-up made clear it was “deploying nuclear weapons to threaten the United States and our allies.”

China’s refusal to barter arms management “should be a cause for concern and condemned by all responsible nations,” Mr Turner added.

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Republican Congressman Mike Turner

Republican Congressman Mike Turner (Image: GETTY)

Another Republican, Mike Rogers, ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, said the Chinese build-up emphasised the need to rapidly modernise the US nuclear deterrent.

A 2020 Pentagon report estimated China’s nuclear warhead stockpile was in “the low 200s” – but this figure is projected to have at least double in size as Beijing expands and modernises its forces.

Analysts say the United States has around 3,800 warheads, and according to a State Department factsheet, 1,357 of those were deployed as of March 1.

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US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden (Image: GETTY)

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping, China’s President (Image: GETTY)

Washington has repeatedly called on China to join it and Russia in a new arms control treaty.

The FAS report states: “It should be emphasised that it is unknown how China will operate the new silos and how many warheads each missile will carry.

“Regardless, the silo construction represents a significant increase of the Chinese arsenal, which the Federation of American Scientists currently estimates includes approximately 350 nuclear warheads.

China military power

China’s military power in numbers (Image: Express)

“The Pentagon stated last year that China had ‘an operational nuclear warhead stockpile in low-200s,’ and STRATCOM commander Admiral Charles Richard said early this year that ‘China’s nuclear weapons stockpile is expected to double (if not triple or quadruple) over the next decade.’

“The new silos could allow China to accomplish this goal, if it is indeed the goal.”

The report comes at a time when Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is due to hold arms control talks with Russia in Geneva on Wednesday.

Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi (Image: GETTY)

Ms Sherman was in China earlier this week for talks at which Beijing accused Washington of creating an “imaginary enemy” to divert attention from domestic problems and suppress China.

Beijing says its arsenal is dwarfed by those of the United States and Russia and it is ready to conduct bilateral dialogues on strategic security “on the basis of equality and mutual respect”.

Speaking earlier this week, Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said relations would deteriorate further if the US attempted to “subvert the path and system of socialism” with Chinese characteristics, “obstructed China’s development process” or “damage China’s territorial integrity” in a likely reference to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

He warned: “The nice rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered an irreversible historic course of, which can’t be held again by any drive or nation.”

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