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The outbreak in Aisne was introduced by officers on Wednesday night. It comes as the virus is spreading in Europe with instances detected in Belgium and Luxembourg.

An announcement stated: “A clinical suspicion has just been confirmed today by the national reference laboratory in a farmyard located in the town of Aubenton.

“Like a number of European nations, France is facing a brand new episode of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI).”

The origin of the outbreak in Aisne is the “buy of poultry in a Belgian market”, according to officials.

Anyone who has bought birds from markets in Florenville, Arlon, Chimay, Tournai, Bastogne, Charleroi, Anderlecht is being urged to consult a vet if animals show symptoms of the virus.

However, a ban has not been imposed on the movement of poultry.

The prefecture is calling for “everybody’s vigilance” in order to “detect any attainable case on the first indicators”.

It comes after France raised its bird flu alert last week following the discovery of the H5N8 strain among ducks, hens, turkeys and pigeons at a household in the Ardennes region.

The ministry said the animals were slaughtered as a precaution.

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Another was detected at a home in Luxembourg that has been linked to the merchant in Belgium.

The latest cases prompted France to increase its risk assessment to “reasonable” from “negligible”.

The change means poultry shall be saved indoors in some areas.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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