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One of the Australian Federal Government’s high nationwide safety officers and Professor of nationwide safety on the Australian National University instructed Australian Today programme that the “drums of war are beating closer” to Australia as China ramps up army presence within the South China Sea. Professor John Blaxland defined how the Chinese Navy, airforce, military and house pressure have been “growing at exponential rates”. And he issued a grave warning that Aussies have had their eye off an actual rising risk for a quantity of years.

The Professor mentioned how “the drums of war are beating closer” including “it is chilling but it is sobering.”

He said: “It speaks to a phenomenon that we in Australia have kind of been struggling to het our heads around.”

Professor Blaxland went on to explain how between China and Australia “we’ve seen competition and contestation emerge, we’ve seen cyberattacks, we’ve seen foreign direct interference, we’ve seen anti-satellite attacks.”

The defence skilled added: “Nothing to see right here proper? The Chinese Navy, airforce, military, house pressure have been rising at exponential charges.”

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The Australian professor went on to highlight: “Now when intelligence analysts look at this kind of problem they think ‘well what are the key fundamental components? You’ve got the capability and you’ve got intention.

“Capability is going up very high and the intention? Well, the rhetoric is getting pretty b****y spicy!”

Professor Blaxland added: “What we are seeing, therefore, is inside government bureaucracy a recognition that the stakes are getting higher and things are being seen in more sober terms.”

And in a concluding assertion, the defence skilled issued a stark warning of the state of Australia’s army capabilities in gentle of China’s: “We’ve had a post-Cold War period of thirty-odd years or so the place every thing is hunky dory with nothing to fret about and now we’ve obtained a boutique defence pressure!”

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Earlier immediately China warned Australia to “stop meddling” in its inside affairs and demanded the Aussies help the annexing of Taiwan amid an ongoing commerce war between the nations.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin mentioned: “Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory, and the Taiwan issue is purely China’s internal affairs that involves China’s core interests and allows no foreign interference.

“China should and can be reunified… we are prepared to do our utmost to try for the prospect of peaceable reunification, however won’t ever depart any room for any types of ‘Taiwan independence’ secessionist actions.

“We hope the Australian side can avoid sending any wrong signal to Taiwan independence forces and take more actions that is conducive to peace and stability across the strait and for China-Australia relations.”


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The information comes as yesterday a former US Navy Captain demanded a western allied patrol group had been instantly dispatched to the South China Sea after China launched a model new 40,000 tonnes assault ship which is the biggest on the earth.

The Hainan 31 is China’s first Type 075 amphibious assault ship succesful of transporting virtually the entire of the Chinese Marine Corps, it might probably carry 30 helicopters and lots of of troops, has a full-length flight deck for helicopter operations and incorporates a ‘properly deck’ the place hovercraft and armored amphibious assault autos can disembark from inside of the ship to launch an assault.

In a stern assertion, Captain Carl Schuster mentioned: “Combined Vietnamese and Philippine coastguard patrols in the area of Julian Felipe reef will deter any further aggression there.

“I also think if you were to invite the US coast to go with you that would send a very strong signal as well.” 

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