Woodwork Projects To Try This Winter

Winter days can see many people turn their hands to crafting projects. Working with wood is certainly a therapeutic way to spend a few hours and it can turn into more than a hobby for many.

Here, we ask Calderbrook Woodwork Machinery, who provide new, used and refurbished woodworking machinery for wood enthusiasts and professionals alike, what projects people often turn their hands to in the colder months.

Wood Care

First up, an important tip: If you are making items that will live outside, winter weather can have a pretty bad effect on wood and you may also need to adapt glues used. Moisture will cause untreated wood to break down with rot or mould, so applying a suitable outdoor effective stain or sealant is essential. If your creation is for inside, especially a centrally heated or warm house, wood can shrink or crack when the area is hot or humid, so you should look at finishing with an appropriate stain or varnish to ensure your masterpiece stays looking great. With that in mind, let’s move on to what projects you could try.

Fun Wood Projects To Try This Winter

Bird Nesting Box – Spring warmth means birds will be on the lookout for the perfect place to bring new life, so adding a nest box to your list of winter woodworking projects will bring excitement to your garden as a bird family moves in and makes it their home.

Bird Feeding Station – There are many excellent bird feeding station designs in books and the internet, both quirky and traditional, to inspire you, all making a fun project for any woodworking enthusiast. They also make great gifts for anyone with a garden or balcony to enjoy.

Address Plaque and Wall Planter – Brighten up your home frontage with a delightful wooden house number plaque combined with a small planter to bring some colour to your wall space.

Wooden Planters – Fun designs such as wheelbarrows or windmills to box and raised planters in fancy shapes are simple to make and can be as rustic or refined as you like. You are only limited by space and imagination. As spring approaches, now is a great time to create homemade planters or window boxes ready to fill with colourful flowers. Mini wooden planter herb gardens are a great way to bring scent to a window sill or garden and be helpful in the kitchen.

Sofa Sleeve – A simple yet effective way to maximise space indoors when there is no place for a coffee table next to your chair. Keep your coffee next to you with a simple sofa sleeve. Perfect for beginners to tackle, as you can be as creative with your design as you are able.

The list of fun woodworking projects that you could undertake this winter is enormous, with many needing no further explanation. Ideas such as tealight holders, wooden doormats, key holders, lap desk trays, wine racks, beer caddies or tic tac toe games, or for the more adventurous, a doll’s house or fancy puzzle shaped coffee table. The only limit really is your imagination.

With many ideas available on the internet, there really is no need to be bored or short of inspiration for woodworking projects for both home and garden use for yourself or as a personalised gift for a loved one. They don’t even need to cost a fortune, using pallet wood or scaffold boards. With practice, you may even start to realise that you could make money from your newly found hobby, which could make winter woodworking your best decision yet.

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