Ukraine ‘positively not dropping’ but bracing for ‘lengthy bloody stalemate’ fight with Moscow | World | News

Ukraine’s President Zelensky rejected US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s suggestion to concede a few of Ukrainian territory to Russia within the function to name an finish to the warfare. In mild of the agency rejection from Mr Zelensky, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Crawford warned Ukraine “is going to continue for some time”. He additionally dismissed the chance for Ukraine to “disappear as an independent country” but pressured the essential question in the mean time is “to what extent Ukraine will survive” and “whether it will be able to regain some of the territories” now below Russian management.

Speaking to GB News, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Crawford stated: “I would say that Ukraine is definitely not losing.

“And I don’t think that we could claim that Russia is winning yet.

“We’re just looking at a long, bloody stalemate.

“The war is continuing for some time.”

GB News presenter requested: “Do you think that politicians and diplomats such as Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO, who have talked very liberally and freely about Ukraine’s capacity to win may have lulled into a false sense of security?”

He responded: “I think Ukraine will win.

“It’s highly unlikely that Ukraine is going to disappear as an independent country in Eastern Europe.

“So to a certain extent, if Ukraine survives, they have won.

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“It’s an interesting question.

“In negotiations would Russia be prepared to give Crimea back to Ukraine?

“And in return for Ukraine giving them the Donbas area?

“It hasn’t gotten to that yet, but I think it is an interesting question”.

Ukraine has been engaged in a defensive warfare in opposition to Russia since February 24, with hundreds between troopers and civilians already having lost their lives.

But President Zelensky has insisted he’ll not give in to Moscow’s makes an attempt to destroy his nation as his fellow residents proceed to conduct fierce resistance in opposition to Putin’s troopers.

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