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Softy Staffie seen holding a knife to the owner’s neck UK | News

When Amy Edmondson sought directions from a man and woman, she went to her “softie” Staffickrek star. When she turns to point the right way for the male to leap on her back, grab her on the sidewalk and place the blade on her neck, demanding cash. Amy, 30, said she would leave her nine-year-old son, Riley, without a mother. She recalls: “I was on the floor to be realized forever. They kept saying, ‘Give me your money, where your money is, we need your money.’

“But then I let my dog ​​lead me – and he just jumped on it and started biting his leg.

“She doesn’t let go. The woman ran away at that point, and Blok was saying, ‘Get this dog out of me’.”

“I told him that he needed to get away from me so that I could take my dog ​​away from him.”

Mugger showed sense and released Amy – and she called the star. One’s mummy said: “After this, she apparently panicked and ran away.”

Shaken Amy ran back to safety at her nearby flat in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

He said: “Star 100 percent saved my life. I just kept thinking, I’m going to die, there’s no way to get me out like this.

“It was really out of character for him – he is usually the sweetest dog he would take anyone to death.

“I was saddened that he did what he did – but am very grateful for that.

“He got an extra big dinner and a lot of extra casserole that night.”

The star – which also stars Jack Russell and Part Pitbull – was launched by robbers on Monday at 11.30 p.m.

Amy said: “All I was thinking was that my son was growing up without a mother and that my dog ​​was going to live without me.

“She is my young soul mate.”

“I wouldn’t be here without her. She’s the most loving dog. I’ve never seen her like this but it shows that she was protecting me.”

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