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Ruth Davidson took off Sturgeon’s IndyRef obsession and tweeted ‘Scotland DID Verdict!’ | Uk | News

Scotland voted from 55 per cent of the vote to 45 per cent to remain part of the UK in 2014. However the SNP are seeking another vote after the Scottish Parliament elections next month.

On Tuesday, Ms. Sturgeon tweeted in support of a second referendum comment: “There is a simple democratic principle at stake here that can unite people for and against freedom – it is Scotland’s right to decide.”

“The arrogant emphasis that the Tories get for us to decide – no matter how Scottish votes – should be given a small reduction by every democrat.”

However, the Scottish Tory leader in Holyrod said: “Scotland decided.

“We voted to stay in Britain.”

Ms. Davidson’s tweet received more than 7,300 likes and 1,100 retweets.

Prior to the 2014 referendum, Ms. Sturgeon described it as “a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Other senior people in the SNP said the independence vote would be “once in a generation”.

Boris Johnson has captured these comments to support his position on blocking another vote.

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Separately Ms. Sturgeon has come under fire for her refusal to be part of the UK spread in Scotland’s coronovirus rollout.

More than half of the British population has received at least one vaccine, more than any EU member state.

By comparison, France has vaccinated 16 percent of its population and Germany 15 percent.

The government decided to keep Britain out of the EU vaccine procurement program which went into serious difficulty.

The move was opposed by SNP Constitutional Secretary Mike Russell at the time.

He commented: “This silly denial is about Brexit and has nothing to do with the epidemic. It will cost life. “

Ms Sturgeon claimed controversy would have arisen due to “there is absolutely no clear basis” for claiming that Scotland would have vaccinated fewer people outside the UK.

However this was dismissed as “delusional nonsense” by Scottish Conservative Health spokesman Donald Cameron.

He said: “Nicola Sturgeon cannot accept the obvious truth about our world-leading vaccination program, which has been saving countless lives due to her bitter and blind hostility to the United Kingdom.

“More than 2.7 million Scots have their first jug which should be a reason for celebration, but instead Sturgeon has given a resounding response with zero evidence to support his wild claim that an independent Scotland would have done as well . “

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