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Primary School Application: Will you know if your child has a place in the school? | Uk | News

Primary school applications can be a scary prospect for parents. Applications first opened in September 2020 and closed in January. For many parents, a lot of thought has gone into deciding which school is best for your child and when to apply. But now the deadline has passed and the decision is deferred – but when you have been selected in your chosen school, will you know?

When is the application deadline?

In England, each parent must apply for a place in an elementary school for their child – even if it is attached to your child’s current nursery.

If your child was born between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017, they will be able to apply to start primary school in September 2021.

Primary school application deadline for start in September 2021 It was in January.

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How to apply for a school place?

You can apply online in Government Primary School Here Or by using your council’s application form which you can request Here.

When you fill out the form, whether you apply online or on paper, you will be asked to list the schools you are applying in order of preference.

You must apply to at least three schools.

If you are applying for a private school place for your child, you should contact the school directly for information on how to apply.

Applications for September 2020 have now closed and applications for September 2021 have not yet opened.

How do you decide which school is the best for your child?

Several factors can affect which school is best suited for your child.

The major deciding factors or most of the parents are location, familiar children and quality of education.

In terms of quality of education, you can find out how each school in England ranks using top reports Here Those who compare school quality based on teachers, behavior, and educational outcomes.

When should your child start school?

Most children in the UK should start school in September, when they turn four.

However, if you do not believe that your child is ready at that time, you can request them to start the part through term.

Children who are born between April 1 and August 31 can start in September after the age of five, but if you wish to start them later, you will need to contact your local council .

Councils or schools will then decide whether to start your child at the year or one-year reception.

Legally all children in the UK must be in full-time education by 31 December, 31 March or 31 August, after the child’s fifth birthday, whichever is earlier.

If your child’s fifth birthday is one of those dates, they reach mandatory school age on that date and they should start school for the following period.

What if your child does not get a place?

If your child has not found a place, do not panic.

You should contact your local council as soon as possible to get a list of schools with locations.

You can also put your child’s name on the waiting list, which you can do directly by contacting the school or your local authority.

If your child is on the waiting list and the school offers you a place, the Admissions Authority will send you a formal offer.

You can still accept this offer, even if your child has started in another school.

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