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Lockdown news: Top scientist calls on Boris Johnson to ease outdoor coronavirus rules | UK | News

The Prime Minister is predicted to take a “cautious” strategy in tomorrow’s briefing, the place he’ll lay out the Government’s “roadmap” out of the UK’s third coronavirus lockdown. But Professor Mark Woolhouse of Edinburgh University, who contributes to the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) sub-group Spi-M, has informed Mr Johnson outside sports activities might be allowed instantly.

In an interview with the Observer, Prof Woolhouse there was no want for Mr Johnson to be “ultra-cautious” in lifting restrictions.

Referencing the Prime Minister’s feedback on selections being based mostly on “data not dates”, he stated: “Well, the data is extremely good, far better than anyone, including me, anticipated two or three weeks ago.

“Hospitalisations, deaths and case numbers have all plunged while vaccinations have already reached a quarter of the adult population.

“The corollary is that if we plan to ease lockdown in a data-driven way, we should right now be looking at starting the process of coming out of lockdown earlier than we were thinking about two or three weeks ago.

“The data drive has to go both ways.”

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Prof Woolhouse insisted it would be safe to lift some measures on outdoor exercise, as the proportion of coronavirus infections occurring outside is extremely low.

He added: “This virus very rarely transmits outdoors. So, quite honestly, outdoor activities that don’t involve close physical contact could be adopted now.

“That is not an argument to say we can have crowds back at football matches. But sports involving small numbers of players or sports for children: they could start perfectly safely today.”

The Guardian quoted Dr Müge Çevik, a lecturer in infectious diseases and medical virology at the University of St Andrews, earlier this week as saying: “We have identified for a while that solely about 10 % of transmission occasions are linked to outdoor actions.”

Concluding his feedback, the professor stated whereas there should be provisions in place ought to restrictions be lifted, “if you ask what should the Government be considering, then measures to allow us to have outdoor activities should be right at the top of the list”.

It comes after The Covid Recovery Group, comprised of 68 Tory MPs, urged the Prime Minister not to preserve lockdown measure previous May.

Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers, stated it will be “reckless” to keep something like the present stage of restrictions.

He stated: “Tardiness in releasing restrictions might be portrayed by some as caution but it is also acting recklessly with the lives of many others.”

It additionally comes because the Prime Minister is predicted to announce each grownup within the UK will likely be provided no less than one coronavirus vaccine by the tip of July.

He stated on Saturday: “Hitting 15 million vaccinations was a significant milestone, but there will be no let-up, and I want to see the rollout go further and faster in the coming weeks.

“We will now aim to offer a jab to every adult by the end of July, helping us protect the most vulnerable sooner, and take further steps to ease some of the restrictions in place.

“But there should be no doubt – the route out of lockdown will be cautious and phased, as we all continue to protect ourselves and those around us”

Mr Johnson will communicate additionally on Monday to element his ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown, beforehand saying he desires progress away from the measure to be “cautious but irreversible”.

He will meet with senior ministers in the present day to finalise particulars of the plans, earlier than the Cabinet appears by way of them tomorrow.

As of yesterday, 17,247,442 Brits have acquired their first dose of a vaccine, with 604,885 getting second doses.

Yesterday additionally noticed one other 10,406 instances and 445 deaths inside 28 days of a optimistic coronavirus take a look at.

In whole, the UK has seen 4,105,675 instances and 120,365 deaths.

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