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Globe theatre issues suicide trigger warning on Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet audiences have been given a whole web page of warnings about suicide, pretend blood and stage combating for a brand new prodution at Shakespeare’s Globe.

The double suicide of the star-crossed lovers has been deemed a psychological well being problem in a information reminding viewers that the actors enjoying Romeo and Juliet do probably not die on the finish of the play.

Theatregoers have been warned about “moments of violence” within the 400-year-old tragedy that includes duels between the rival Montagues and Capulets, and cautioned concerning the presence of faux blood on stage.

A full web page of warnings has been issued in a information to the brand new Globe manufacturing, and viewers members are directed to the Samaritans if they’ve been “affected by any of the issues raised in this production of Romeo and Juliet”.

An on-line programme states: “This manufacturing accommodates depictions of suicide, moments of violence and references to drug use.

“It accommodates gunshot sound results and the usage of stage blood.

“If you have any questions or concerns about these elements, please contact our Box Office team for further information about the production.”

Specific warnings about key scenes in William Shakespeare’s play have been issued, with one stating: “At the end, Juliet shoots herself. This is not real.”

Another warns: “Near the end of the play, when Romeo drinks poison, the actor pretends to vomit and convulse. This is not real and he is not hurt.”

In a web page of cautionary “show notes”, viewers members are advised that: “There is stage fighting in this production. The violence is not real and should not be copied.”

The notes add that: “There is stage blood and vomit in this production. It is not real.”

The tragedy first staged in 1597 has been repeatedly reproduced for the stage and display screen, together with in Baz Luhrmann’s trendy retelling starring Claire Danes and Leonardo Di Caprio. 

The Globe has stated its newest model seeks to handle “problems young people face today”, with its lead characters transported to a Verona the place a “system favours the few, and goals to deromanticize the trope of lovers’ suicides.

The theatre on the banks of the Thames the place the unique Elizabethan Globe as soon as stood has stated content material warnings are customary observe in most areas of leisure, and the grittier nature of their manufacturing makes them warranted.

A spokesperson for the Globe stated: “We on the Globe imagine a 400-year-old play might be reinvented and remodelled in a large number of the way. 

“For our 2021 manufacturing, Ola Ince has taken an anti-romantic studying of Romeo and Juliet. Historically productions of the play have romanticised suicide – this manufacturing tackles the tragedy head on.

“As we’ve chosen to focus on psychological well being, we wish to present data to those that may have it, as is customary observe in leisure right now.

“The viewers see a younger couple very a lot in love, and go alongside that journey with them by means of Verona, however the suicide second is detailed and ‘real’ wanting and feeling. Less stylistic, it’s fairly stark.

“The audience get a real sense of the loss of life of two you people who thought suicide was the only way out.”

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