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Celebrities back campaign for Covid Memorial Day and ‘essential’ monument on Whitehall

A campaign calling for the federal government to formally recognise 23 March as a ‘Covid Memorial Day’ has obtained assist from quite a few celebrities.

According to campaigning organisation March for Change, colleges, workplaces and all public venues throughout the nation ought to observe a minute’s silence every year from 23 March 2022 onwards.

The group can be calling for a Covid Memorial Monument to be constructed on Whitehall the place the general public can lay wreaths every year. It launched its campaign on the day the UK marked the anniversary of the primary nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

Celebrities supporting the campaign embrace poet and kids’s creator Michael Rosen, historian and tv presenter Dan Snow, and actor and creator Emma Kennedy.

Mr Rosen, who resides with lengthy Covid, stated the lack of “well over a 100,000 people” was a “disaster”.

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