Brexit information: Britons challenge EU to act on threat ‘We’ll trade with rest of world’` | UK | News

According to experiences, if Boris Johnson determined to set off Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, the EU would take authorized motion towards the UK. The European Commission would stated to be taking a “twin-track” method in response to the makes an attempt to salvage the post-Brexit border repair.

But Britons haven’t been blissful following this information coming to gentle.

Taking to the feedback part, had been in full voice towards the EU and in assist of the UK.

Salty Sue wrote: “Do it. Trigger article 16.

“We don’t care about the EU.

“We’ll trade with the rest of the world.

“Tariffs work both ways…”

PhilSpace wrote: “So the EU are threatening to stop selling us German cars, French cheeses, Italian wines, Spanish holidays?

“Bring it on!”

Lord Frost has demanded pressing motion from the EU.

Taking to Twitter he stated: “The Protocol is clearly having a continued negative effect on everyday life and business in Northern Ireland.

“The outstanding issues now need to be dealt with urgently.

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“Huffing and puffing but the UK house is made of bricks.”

Val Booker commented: “How very amusing, the EU thinks only the EU can trigger Article 16.”

Express reader pag1413 wrote: “Love them to do it! They’d shoot themselves in the foot big time! Given they sell us more than we sell them?

“Which Countries across the EU will fold first? Ireland -lose of CTA & end of rights for Irish in UK????

“France no more EDF or Car Companies or food & drink & cosmetics????

“How about the boycott of Ryanair or Spanish Food & Drink?

“The list is endless & that’s before we pull finance from under them!”

Lord Frost has admitted he is not going to settle for the proposals and would fairly have a correct negotiation in regards to the proposals.

He stated: “The British are indicating that it’s not just the substance of these proposals that is important.

“It’s also the way in which they emerge. Basically the British are saying this won’t work unless these proposals have an element of shared ownership.”

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