Too rude for Facebook: the ban on Britain’s historic place names | Facebook

Name: British landmarks.

Age: Ancient.

Be extra particular: No.

Appearance: Striking, historic, controversial.

Controversial? You’ll see.

What are we speaking about? Plymouth Hoe and Devil’s Dyke in Sussex.

Lovely locations. Marvellous views of the sea from the Hoe. And I had a really good cream tea as soon as close to Devil’s Dyke. What a gorgeous valley it’s. Well, they’re each in massive bother.

With whom? The mighty Facebook, that’s who.

What’s the drawback? Facebook’s hate speech algorithm banned native residents who use the social media platform from referring to hoes and dykes.

Why? Don’t play the harmless with me, squire. You know there’s an issue with hoe.

It generally is a harmful backyard implement … Yes, however that’s not the type of hoe the Facebook algorithm was designed to choose up.

Ah, you imply the phrase hoe, used as an off-the-cuff abbreviation, generally in fashionable music? I do. Facebook customers in Plymouth who talked about the h– have been muted and blocked. They needed to resort to spacing out the letters or calling their native landmark “the oe”. Facebook has since apologised.

Tricky. What will Facebook make of Charles Kingsley’s a lot cherished novel Westward Ho!? Or, certainly, the coastal village in Devon named after it.

And what about that pleasant music Heigh-Ho from Snow White? Most possible unacceptable.

What’s the story with Devil’s Dyke? The similar drawback.
The satan? The dyke.

Ah, a pejorative reference to ladies who love different ladies So you do belong to the trendy world in spite of everything. The Brighton People Facebook group has had members banned for mentioning the D-word and a few residents in Dyke Road say they’ve had issue putting orders on-line as a result of their deal with is rejected by delivery companies. Again, Facebook has apologised.

But the place does that go away individuals who reside in Wash Dyke in Norfolk and on Forest Dyke Road in Lanarkshire? Hungry.

And what about people in Cockermouth, Cockfosters, Great Cockup and Little Cockup, Cockplay in Northumberland and Three Cocks close to Hay-on-Wye? Not to say Fanny Barks in Durham, Fanny Avenue in Derbyshire and Fanny Hands Lane in Lincolnshire.

And Fingringhoe in Essex; Honey Knob Hill in Wiltshire; Clap Hill in Kent; Shaggs and Droop in Dorset … I might go on. Please don’t. Facebook goes to be very busy.

Not to be confused with: A wise technique to monitor Facebook posts.

Do say: “Get me Nick Clegg on the line! He’ll get Zuckerberg to sort it.”

Don’t say: “Are you sure this whole column isn’t just an excuse to recite lots of rude place names?”

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