Jake Paul beats Ben Escaren with a first-round knockout as the YouTube star defeats the former UFC man

Jake Paul supersedes Ben Escarren with a first-round knockout as the YouTube star defeats the former UFC ruthless man who holds the undefeated record – before challenging Conor McGregor once again

  • Jake Paul defeated Ben Escaren in a round at Mercedes-Benz Stadium
  • YouTube sensation faces former UFC man as head of bill in Atlanta
  • Paul took just 1 minute 20 seconds to bring his opponent down on the canvas
  • He has won all three of his Pro Fights and is determined to face Connor McGregor

Jake Paul shocked the boxing world in Atlanta after being in his dustbin and beating former UFC man Ben Eskeren.

Since turning to professional boxing, Paul has maintained his impeccable record and has now won three out of three wins inside the ring.

YouTuber confronted Aceren several times with face-offs before getting physical at the meeting. Paul had slammed his opponent and publicly stated that he was ‘not good enough to fight me’.

It took just a minute for Jake Paul to knock out former UFC man Ben Eskeren

Paul became aggressive from the off and Eskiren looked unconventional with his boxing stance

YouTuber attacked his opponent as soon as possible after sending his opponent on the canvas

Paul’s opening win sparked big celebrations inside Mercedes-Benz Arena in Atlanta

Now, Paul has boosted his reputation after being sent down the canvas with just one minute and 20 seconds on the clock.

The 24-year-old catch caught the 36-year-old Escrane with a sweet right hook, which sent the veteran fighter down immediately.

Stunned and dizzy, Escairen is back on his feet but fails to convince the referee of his health and so the bout is almost called off as soon as it starts.

Paul appeared to be overcome with emotion upon confirmation of his victory, causing a huge roar before falling to his knees.

The 24-year-old left a huge roar after the win and was overcome by emotion

Paul insisted to his team members that he wanted to reach the top of the game

Stopren offered his protests after the stoppage, but the referee told his phone that he was not fit to continue.

Paul was soon joined in the ring by family and friends, before confirming that he wanted to go as high as possible in the game.

Paul now has three to three wins against his former victories against former YouTuber AnEson Gibb, former NBA player Nate Robinson and now Askren.

The American YouTuber once again called UFC superstar Connor McGregor, who obtained a boxing license of his own in August 2017 after switching codes to fight Fluid Mayweather.


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