Granit Zahka slammed for role in “Persian” Bern Leno mistake in Arsenal debacle

Grand Sunha was told by Grant Sunha about his role on the far-reaching self-goal of Bayrand Leno in which Everton was beaten by Everton.

The Emirates suffered a 13th Premier League loss of the season after a stunning performance at the Emirates for Arteta.

He had plenty of the ball, but the attack lacked any sort of quickness or aggression, and when Richardson improved Granit Thahaka and beat Leno with a shot that missed the goalkeeper’s leg.

Xhaka, who was playing on the left in the absence of an injured Kieran Tierney, was beaten for scoring a Richardson ball, and then the Brazilian winger also easily slammed him as he tried to fix the situation.

And he was criticized by Souness, who was on punditry duty for the game.

Everton’s goal-leading Grant Xhaka was easily beaten by Richardson.

“For me, Richardson easily drove Xhaka off the ball,” Souness told Sky sports . “He ejects the ball very easily for me.”

Sounce said Xhaka’s inexperience in the situation showed that she failed to show Richardson the by-line and was shown a clean pair of heels by the winger.

The former Liverpool midfielder said, “He makes up his mind – I’m going to stand my ground and force the ball down the line rather than looking in line to win.”

“You know what you’re playing against. Instead of buying his teammates to get in position, he tries to deal with him. He should appear below the line. She is too square for him. “

Arsenal keeper Bernad Leno saw the ball with his foot
Arsenal keeper Bernad Leno saw the ball with his foot

Leno did not cover himself in glory, punching Richardson’s shot with his leg, when Odds was beating against Everton from an awkward angle.

Saunce said of the goal: “It is far away, and it is indeed a very bad goal to overcome. A shameful goal to give a way. “

The defeat ranked Arsenal ninth at home in all competitions, and suffered a seventh Premier League loss to the Emirates.

This left him in ninth place and put pressure on Mikel Arteta, with next week’s Europa League trip to what Villarreal faced ever more prominence.

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