Gareth Bell’s farewell words to the fiery Jose Mourinho confirmed who won the Tottenham fight – Mark Jones

For golf-lover Gareth Bell, perhaps it was always about the long game as opposed to the short game.

When the Welshman pitched back at Tottenham last summer, there was an understanding and pleasant babble among the club’s fanbase, but it was clearly not the same player he had left for Real Madrid seven years earlier.

Sure, he looked like him, perhaps with some broad shoulders out of all the trophies that he had lifted, but Bale was never going to be able to slot straight back into the Spurs team like he ever had. Nothing had happened.

He was injured, for starters, and he also played only 100 minutes of competitive football for Madrid since the game and the world shut down in March 2020.

In fact he played more for Wales in six months, managing an odd 45 minutes in a 1–0 win in Finland and then determined to drag himself around on the pitch, a single at home for the 90th win. And after three victory days in Bulgaria.

Fans were happy when Bell returned to Spurs

But to support our players, our clubs and our beliefs, which we football fans, if you have not noticed, and therefore Spurs supporters who gagged at Gareth, it was right to do so. Few things in football are better than getting fans excited.

It is just that he was master of obscurity as the manager of the club.

Jose Mourinho started the season with the appearance of a man who thought that the back-door, epidemic football tempo is exactly what suited him, as he did.

Pressure and intensity have been less important in the game for some time, and that is music in Mourinho’s ears.

His Tottenham side deserved the credit during the duration of that season as they threatened a title challenge as they worked so hard for each other, but as the cracks began to emerge the room under that steep bus Always had to struggle.

The pair often did not see
The pair often did not see

And aside his terrible treatment of Dele Alli, that was Mourinho’s favorite target.

Time and time again there will be excavations dug here and there risky danger, especially submerged in the form of Tottenham.

And then when the team’s form waned, Bale’s, especially when he was often rotated off the bench for five or 10 minutes, in hopes of trying to save a game that probably didn’t take away from the Spurs. If only they would have actually attacked a bit more.

Actually, Bell’s passion for Mourinho was probably a good thing. The world may wonder if the Welshman can still cut it because of the ineffective stats created during his limited time on the pitch.

Then the vine got better, and suddenly Mourinho had one less place to hide.

You can disagree about the timing of the manager’s dismissal if you like, but by the time he arrived he was out of there in plain sight, repeatedly, swooning at the players, which felt like a growing insecurity. Will happen. The Jose-ification of Spurs had fallen away. Everyone just seemed a bit tight.

Mourinho packed his bags and left the Spurs this week
Mourinho packed his bags and left the Spurs this week

But not Bell.

A mini-run of six goals in six matches between February and March may not have gone, but it gave everyone a glimpse of what Bale can do when he is trusted from the start of matches and a structure that includes an attack Does not happen one after the other.

After a 2–1 win over Southampton on Wednesday, the first game after ousting Mourinho, it was clear what Bell thought of removing the manager.

Asked how the now-defunct Ryan Mason-led side could improve the attack, the now-tough boss was gone, the answer effectively served as his words to Mourinho, who sent angry players on Monday. Put back in training as he mourned his demise.

“Maybe just a little bit more on the front foot,” Bale said.

“We want to attack, we are a big team with big players and we need to try to stay on the pitch more and more and I think we did today.”

Doing so, which would really make Bale feel at home, and perhaps even look to stay in Tottenham for another year after the end of his loan deal.

Mourinho may leave Bale free
Mourinho may leave Bale free

If he can stay on that front foot going to the European Championships this summer, the second match for Bell could also be in the offing. Everyone knows how much he loves to play for Wales, and we also know how much Wales loves a European Championship.

Although Wembley arrives on Sunday before this, and Manchester City’s backline needs to be changed, and there is an alleged vulnerability there at the moment, so surely a Carabao Cup final awaits?

Bole won his fight with Mourinho, but it would be a huge success if he could secure the trophy for Tottenham.

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