Brendan Rodgers gave a fiery message to Leicester stars who ‘hid in the dark’ to escape the police

Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers was forced to intervene and deliver a message to his players after they found out that members of his squad had attended an illegal house party, it has been claimed.

James Madison, Harvey Barnes and Hamza Chowdhury are said to have attended a gathering at the home of teammate Ioz Perez, along with 18 people, over major defiance of the current Kovid-19 sanctions.

It has been claimed that the stars switched off all the lights in Perez’s £ 1.3 million house and hid in the dark before police arrived.

However, Rodgers beat it to the police, as he sent a text to the group of players asking them to finish the party immediately.

Brendan Rodgers was furious after his players found out to join a house party despite Kovid-19 restrictions

SunCiting a source, it is claimed that all the players have come to know at once that the head coach got wind of their ceremonies.

The source said: “Everyone had a good time, then all of a sudden the players said to each other ‘look at your phone’.

“They got a message from Brendan. He told them that he knew what they were doing and the party had to stop immediately.

All players participating in the house party were left out as Leicester lost to West Ham on Sunday
All players participating in the house party were left out as Leicester lost to West Ham on Sunday

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“They asked everyone to hide and turn off all the lights, so that it looks like no one is at home.”

All of the players involved were left for Sunday’s game against West Ham, which Fox lost 3–1 in a blowout for the possibility of a top-four finale.

Guests were explicitly instructed to place their phones in sealable pouches, so no pictures or videos were captured.

Following Rodgers’ message, some of the group held a party, traveling 30 miles from Chaudhary’s house in Nottingham at 1 pm.

The players involved were in a meeting last Tuesday, and three were dropped for the West Ham game – Barnes was not involved due to injury.

Leicester said in a statement, “Those involved have apologized for their poor decision. Our response to the case will be concluded.”

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