Arsenal return from European Super League after performances by fans and players

Arsenal are the latest Premier League club to begin the process of withdrawing from the European Super League.

Like the other 11 ‘founding clubs’, the Gunners have faced a huge struggle to join the ESL.

Vice-captain Hector Bellerin added his voice to the chorus of opposing fans on Tuesday, and left the tournament shattering in a hurry to rebound.

Manchester City were the first team to pull out and Chelsea were believed to be following suit, before Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham confirmed they were dropping out of ESL.

An apologetic statement on Arsenal’s website reads: “The last few days have shown us again that the depth of feeling our supporters around the world owe to this great club and the sport we love.

“We did not need to be reminded of this but the reaction of supporters in recent times has given us time for further reflection and deeper consideration.

European Super League banner is outside the Emirates Stadium

“The reason for such a crisis was never our intention, although when the invitation to join the Super League came, knowing that there was no guarantee, we do not want to be left behind to defend Arsenal and its future Were.

“As a result of listening to you and the wider football community in recent times, we are withdrawing from the proposed Super League. We made a mistake, and we apologize for that.

“We know that what we are trying to achieve here at Arsenal will take time to restore your faith, but let us make it clear that Arsenal decide to be part of the Super League, the club you love , Was inspired by our desire to protect, and to support the game you love through greater solidarity and financial stability.

“Sustainability is essential to the prosperity of the game and we will continue to strive to bring security to carry the game forward.

“The system needs to be fixed. We must work together to find solutions that protect the future of the game and the extraordinary power football has to use on the edge of our seats.

“In the end, we know that this has been an incredibly difficult year for all of us.

“Our aim is to always make the right decision for this great football club, preserve it for the future and take us forward. We did not make the right decision here, which we fully accept.

“We have heard you.

“Arsenal Board.”

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