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Snowdon walkers told to ‘go to toilet before hike’ after reports of faeces up mountain

Walkers are being urged to go to the toilet before climbing Snowdon after reports of human faeces being left alongside paths.

Snowdonia National Park Authority stated it was a minority of guests who’re “not as well prepared” to blame.

It comes after a tour information stated she had to inform walkers to “mind the poo” on a hike in the beginning of the busy Easter weekend, which has seen vacationers flocking to the nationwide park in Wales.

Gemma Davies told the BBC she had seen “a lot of stool” in paper cups and below stones – and even noticed somebody relieving themselves on the railway on the way in which again down.

On Monday, an official at Snowdonia National Park Authority stated it was “alarming and upsetting” to hear the reports of human faeces being littered throughout the wonder spot, which she referred to as “a special and fragile environment”.

Helen Pye, the organisation’s engagement officer, told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast: “We really don’t want to see this impacting on people’s enjoyment on the area.

“Unfortunately it is a small minority who are perhaps not as well prepared, let’s say, and get caught short.”

But she stated most guests hear to the nationwide park authority’s recommendation, which is to “go before you hike and use those facilities at the foot of the main paths”.

Ms Davies told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast earlier on Monday morning there was “terrible litter” on the route and on the summit when she led a dawn hike on Good Friday, together with “human stools, tissues, wet wipes”.

She stated it was “embarrassing” to have to inform vacationers to “mind the poo” and claimed the bogs had been closed on the prime and backside of the mountain.

Ms Pye from Snowdonia National Park Authority stated there have been open bogs on the backside of all of the principle paths at Snowdon and she or he didn’t assume there wanted to be any extra up the mountain.

“I think in terms of the fact it is an amazing, special, beautiful mountain environment, I think the most appropriate thing is to have toilets at the bottom of the paths and not be littering the mountain with things like that,” she stated.”

“It is really just about people pre-preparing. The vast majority of visitors cope absolutely fine with being able to hike up the mountain and back down and just going before they hike.”

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