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Russia’s police forces have sought to curb protests for the reason that begin of the struggle however regardless of widespread arrests, Russians have continued organising anti-struggle rallies. Footage emerged this weekend displaying two officers dragging a girl carrying a pink jacket away after stopping her as she headed to an indication. The lady could be seen attempting to withstand however the two policemen simply carry her away aided by the snow forcing her to slip ahead as she tries to gradual them down.

Additional footage exhibits a person holding a placard being questioned by two places of work on the nook of a closely-trafficked highway.

One of the policemen could be seen studying the placard as passers-by stroll proper previous the trio, with some individuals simply sparing a look to them earlier than swiftly strolling away.

The different officer questions the potential protester earlier than pushing him barely in direction of his colleague, who immobilises his arms behind his again.

The demonstrator is compelled to drop the placard as he’s pushed on his knees and handcuffed.



Russian outlet Paper reported protests have been organised for Saturday in St Petersburg regardless of heavy police presence.

Writing on Twitter, the web site stated: “Near the building of the Legislative Assembly in St. Petersburg, there are now a lot of paddy wagons and the press, protesters are starting to gather.

“The safety forces approached one couple and took them to the police automotive to examine their paperwork, MR7 stories.”

Attempts to clamp down on protests were also reported in Moscow, where a group assembled despite the heavy snow before being taken away by heavily armed Russian police and soldiers.

Vladimir Putin has been trying to limit the amount of independent information available in Russia since the start of the war.

Days after the invasion, the Duma approved a new law that would see anyone sharing so-called misinformation about the conflict face up to 15 years in jail.

Independent broadcasters like Rain TV were forced to shut down and reporter Marina Ovsyannikova was taken accused of being a British spy after staging a protest by holding a sign calling for the end of the war behind a colleague during a live broadcast.

Moscow has so far continued to maintain that their actions in Ukraine are not a war but rather a “particular army operation” to push for the “denazification” of the Ukrainian Government.

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But his justifications for trespassing into Ukraine have been ridiculed after analysts noted far-right groups have been increasingly lost support in recent elections.

Additionally, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is himself of Jewish descent and decried the bombing of the Babyn Yar memorial which paid tribute to thousands of Jews killed in World War 2.

After over a month of the war, Russia was forced to push back eastwards following its soldiers’ failure to make any significant advance into Ukrainian territory.

But despite failing to secure any major objectives, cities across eastern Ukraine have been left devastated by heavy shelling and millions have been forced to flee to neighbouring Poland, Romania and Moldova, or relocate across Europe.

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