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Radio host erupts at Council urging cyclists to take up more road space ‘It’s insanity’ | UK | News

Although cyclists have use of a 7ft large bike path, Bournemouth council has painted giant bike symbols in the midst of the A35 so as to encourage cyclists to ignore the devoted cycle line and take up more space on the primary road. While speaking to motoring journalist Quentin Willson, TalkTv presenter Mike Graham commented on the council’s transfer and branded the initiative as “literally madness”.  He added: “This is really starting to get ridiculous.”

Mr Graham said: “It’s literally madness.

“I mean, we’re all for sharing the road.

“We’re all for people who want to cycle

“We’re all for roads for people who want to be healthy.

“But this is really starting to get ridiculous”.

Mr Wilson additionally commented on the initiative and stated: “It seems like the application of common sense is in short supply here.

“What you’re doing here is creating more conflict and more divisions between cyclists and other road users.

“We can’t have that, we need to coexist peacefully”.

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A spokesperson for Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council justified the transfer: “We recently undertook carriageway resurfacing and have widened the cycle lanes in line with current standards.

“The road markings highlighted are there to encourage cyclists to take a prominent position in the lane so therefore make them more visible to other motorists”.

The initiative, nevertheless, has upset drivers who claimed that the brand new markings, moreover making the bike path redundant, encourage cyclists to assume “they own the road”.

Steve Martin, a driver, informed Metro: “You put cycle lanes in and then paint cycle symbols on the main carriageway.


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“Cyclists now seem to think they own all the road and won’t move over”.

Another driver, Donna Clarke commented on the transfer and informed the paper: “It should be in the Highway Code that cyclists must use cycle lanes if available.

“This is utterly ridiculous, causing tailbacks, delayed emergency vehicles, and frayed tempers”.

Nick Beck, a driver, additionally stated: “If there’s a dedicated cycle lane, why are they being directed to cycle in the main carriageway?”.

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