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Weapons knowledgeable Hamish de Bretton-Gordon instructed that NATO would “absolutely” get entangled if Putin used any type of nuclear weapons, even when these weapons are solely tactical nuclear weapons. Less highly effective than strategic nuclear weapons, tactical nuclear weapons are supposed to destroy enemy targets in a selected space with out inflicting widespread destruction and radioactive fallout.

Mr De Bretton-Gordon mentioned that Putin estimates the West would not react if he used these weapons, which the knowledgeable described as a “miscalculation”.

He mentioned that Putin is “running out of options”, as he’s additionally “unlikely” to make use of chemical weapons.

Speaking to, he mentioned: “If he goes to the nuclear option then NATO absolutely will get involved, and he could lose everything.

“The speak of a tactical nuclear strike is the almost certainly.

“A relatively small nuclear strike could hold the Ukrainian forces in their steps and allow him to negotiate.

“It’s a calculation – what will the West do?

“Putin thinks they won’t do anything.

“And I believe that’s most likely a misjudgement as a result of I believe NATO most likely will do some strategic strikes on some key Russian belongings in the event that they use nuclear weapons.”

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“There is clearly one thing that’s stopping him from doing that.

“So I think on the chemical side it’s probably unlikely.

“I would not be shocked if we see extra assaults on factories that comprise giant quantities of chemical compounds, which we have seen already with the ammonia manufacturing facility assaults within the north and one other one within the Donbas.

“So that could be possible, but that would have a lesser impact and I think the Ukrainians are better prepared now to mitigate the impact of that.

“He is operating out of choices, that is for sure.”

Last week, a top US intelligence official warned that Putin could trigger a nuclear strike as a result of a defeat in Ukraine.

The warning, delivered in an assessment from US intelligence chiefs, said Putin could view defeat as an existential threat to his regime.

US director of national intelligence, Avril Haines, told the Senate armed services committee that the Russian President would continue to wield Russia’s nuclear arsenal in an attempt to deter Western allies from lending further support to Ukraine.

She said: “We do suppose that [Putin’s perception of an existential threat] might be the case within the occasion that he perceives that he’s shedding the conflict in Ukraine, and that NATO in impact is both intervening or about to intervene in that context, which might clearly contribute to a notion that he’s about to lose the conflict in Ukraine.”

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