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Putin could use women refugees from Ukraine to launch terror attack on UK, Priti Patel warns

Russia could smuggle feminine brokers into the UK amongst Ukrainian refugees to perform organic or chemical terror assaults, residence secretary Priti Patel has claimed.

Defending the UK’s resolution – alone amongst European nations – to demand visas from Ukrainians fleeing warfare, Ms Patel mentioned {that a} handful of people infiltrated by Vladimir Putin into the flood of harmless refugees could “wreak utter havoc” within the UK.

And, with nearly all of refugees made up of women and youngsters as males keep in Ukraine to struggle, she warned it will be “naïve and misguided” to assume that solely males had been able to unleashing terror assaults on British soil.

In a speech to the Conservative spring convention in Blackpool, Ms Patel mentioned the safety checks performed as a part of the refugee visa application course of would assist keep away from a repeat of the Novichok nerve agent attack in Salisbury which killed British citizen Dawn Sturgess in 2018.

Ms Patel advised activists that requires the UK to comply with the EU in providing visa-free entry to Ukrainians in search of sanctuary had “grown louder in recent weeks”.

But she mentioned: “I’ve been asked why couldn’t we suspend security checks on people escaping Putin’s war?

“Times of conflict, my friends, emphasise our need to remain watchful.”

Ms Patel mentioned that she had been warned in safety and intelligence service briefings that international instability brings with it higher threats to the UK from terrorism, critical organised crime and state threats.

“Only four years ago, the Russian military intelligence services used a chemical weapon on British soil,” she mentioned. “It happened in Salisbury, a beautiful city, whose inhabitants would have felt completely safe. Dawn Sturgess could never have imagined that she would lose her life to Novichok

“The truth is that a very small number of people can wreak utter havoc and Russia has a history of covert hostile activity.”

And she added: “I’m afraid it is naive and misguided to think that only men can be covert operatives. Or that refugee flows would not be subject to some form of exploitation.

“There are those who would come to our country – to this country – who would mean us harm and would plot to strike at our very way of life.

“The processes that we have put in place closely follow the advice of our intelligence and security services. They mean we can help Ukrainians in need without making our country less safe.

“State threats and terrorism take many forms. They also thrive on indifference and on appeasement and now we are seeing them supplemented by new types of targeted biological, chemical, cyber warfare, ransomware and online threats.

“Our duty is to safeguard our country’s interests and we will never take our eye off the ball when it comes to the safety and security of our country.”

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