Priti Patel mulls an end to animal testing after watching alarming video

Animal testing may very well be phased out, with scientists advised to perform experiments on lab-grown organs as a substitute, The Telegraph can reveal.

Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, is launching a review that can activity officers with discovering methods to end the usage of animals within the improvement of medicines.

Plans embrace investing in applied sciences similar to testing on lab-grown organs and cells, and limiting the explanations for which creatures can be utilized in experiments.

Ms Patel met with Lord Goldsmith, the animal welfare minister, after being shocked by a video of a facility the place beagles are bred to be examined on.

Lord Goldsmith is known to be pushing for a ban. He has spent his time within the put up drawing up legal guidelines to ban foie gras, fur imports and the maintaining of unique animals as pets.

Animal testing is beneath the remit of the Home Office, quite than the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, due to the excessive safety concerned in sustaining the check websites and defending them from animal rights activists.

Last year, 2.88 million scientific procedures had been accomplished on animals, with greater than 4,000 exams performed on beagles.

Videos emerged final month of the obvious situation beagles are saved in at a facility in Wyton, Cambridgeshire. The centre breeds puppies for testing, and they’re moved from there to labs throughout the nation. Over the previous week, peaceable protesters have arrange camp exterior the testing plant, many bringing their very own pet beagles as a type of protest.

In the footage, whimpering puppies are proven being herded by the scruff of their necks into crates, through which they’re transported for experimentation.

Officials on the breeding facility insisted the puppies are “happy and comfortable” and dwell free from cruelty.

However, the footage has sparked discussions in Government about how rapidly animal testing might be phased out. Ministerial sources stated the footage was “awful” and “grim”.

A Government spokesperson stated that the UK is “determined to replace the use of animals in science”.

They added: “Our statistics present the bottom variety of procedures involving animals since 2004, with the variety of procedures reducing by 15 per cent on final year.”

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