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Petrol leaf blowers ban: Call for Government action over ‘inadequate’ ‘dangerous’ tools | UK | News

Challenge 2025 campaigners are calling on the Government to ban the “harmful” tools and observe within the footsteps of the US, the place a number of states have banned their use. The tools have additionally come below rising scrutiny throughout Europe, together with in Germany the place the ministry mentioned they shouldn’t be used until they’re “indispensable”.

Ambassador for Challenge 2025, Emma Gayler claims leaf blowers emit “more harmful emissions than cars” and are “incredibly inefficient”.

She added: “With a high usage of petrol per second, it requires more than half the fuel of a Ford Fiesta to run for the same time.

Fuel’s not the only consideration though. we should also look at the noise pollution, especially when used in public spaces. Petrol leaf blowers are twice as loud as battery alternatives and can cause permanent hearing loss to users.”

In the US leaf blowers are banned or unlawful within the states of California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Vermont.

Ms Gayler mentioned it could “make sense” for the UK Government to review the principles within the UK.

She added: “In the same way that efforts are being made to decarbonise the country’s vehicles and energy networks, the Government should be doing more to encourage alternatives to combustion engines in garden machinery.”

Speaking on petrol-powered gear she mentioned “in an ideal world” the vast majority of merchandise can be banned however recognised this isn’t all the time doable.

“Whilst battery technology has vastly improved and in some cases now surpasses the performance of their petrol-powered counterparts, we recognise that this isn’t the case across all outdoor power equipment,” Ms Gayler continued.

She added that it is essential to speak about banning merchandise and have a look at the “worst offenders that already have a viable battery alternative”.

They have additionally been criticised up to now for sending mud and different particles into the air in addition to allergens.

A report by Challenge 2025, highlights a take a look at in 2011 between a Ford v8 pickup truck and a typical 4-stroke leaf blower which discovered that the leaf blower’s engine produced 6.8 occasions extra nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide than the v8 truck’s engine and 13.5 occasions extra carbon dioxide.

It additionally discovered that 89 p.c of UK council tools utilized in public areas, parks, and college taking part in fields are petrol-powered, utilizing an estimated 600,000 litres of gas every year.

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