People should get automatic refunds for cancelled holidays, says Grant Shapps | Grant Shapps

Travellers should get automatic reimbursement for cancelled overseas holidays just like the delay repay scheme for trains, the transport secretary, Grant Shapps, has stated.

Shapps dominated out sending within the armed forces to assist course of holidaymakers after scenes of journey chaos over the half-term break, saying it was as much as airways and airports themselves to hire and practice extra workers. He stated there should be a marketing campaign “to attract people to the sector and make sure that people are properly paid”.

The transport secretary stated he wished there to be a scheme for folks to get fast refunds, just like the nationwide scheme practice firms use to compensate passengers for delays.

Asked if the military can be introduced in if issues didn’t enhance over the subsequent few weeks, Shapps stated: “The army is not a snap solution to every problem. Secondly, they are being deployed in increasing numbers to eastern Europe, to the Baltics, in what is a war situation and that’s what the army are principally there for.

“The airports and airlines will need to sort out this problem. The government will give them every support, but I don’t anticipate that will include calling in the army.”

Speaking to the BBC’s Sunday Morning programme, Grant Shapps stated “further changes were coming down the line” to attempt to keep away from comparable scenes for the summer season holidays.

“Having accepted it is a private sector industry, we’ll of course do absolutely everything possible to make sure that we are helping people get away this summer,” he stated. “To make sure that, where that doesn’t happen, there is proper disputes resolution, proper charter for passengers, to make sure it means they can get quick, straightforward compensation for it or be put on other flights.

“Because it can’t be acceptable that it is so complicated sometimes to get a flight rearranged or to get your money back. I want it to be more like delay repay works on trains, where it is an automated process.”

He stated that it was now crucial that airways didn’t oversell flights, which had induced some passengers to have their complete holidays cancelled. “It is very important that flights aren’t oversold, for example, and I want to make sure there is automatic compensation for passengers,” he stated.

“We’ll work with the industry very hard between now and the summer to make sure we don’t see a repeat of those scenes. Clearly, they have been taken by surprise by the way people have returned to travel after two years of being locked down, but I’m not surprised – we were saying all along: You will need to be ready for this.”

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