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Shortly after launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the alert stage for his nation’s nuclear deterrents to be raised “to a special mode of combat duty”. Though the resolution doesn’t imply the 69-year-old intends to make use of his stockpile, it nonetheless elevated anxieties in the West, with the risk looming massive at the moment for world leaders.

Why wouldn’t Vladimir Putin nuke the UK?

Any assault launched by Russia on the UK can be interpreted as an assault in opposition to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and all 30 of its members.

Article 5 of NATO’s official constitution stipulates that if a rustic with membership standing, similar to the UK, is attacked, different allies should come to its assist.

Consequently, Russia would probably be initiating a brand new international battle the fallout of which might be catastrophic for all events.

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To date, it’s largely on account of this that the army alliance has refused Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s request for a no-fly zone above his nation’s airspace.

Launching nuclear weapons in direction of the UK would additionally in all probability set off the same assault again in the path of Moscow.

The ensuing impacts of this is able to be incomprehensible and undoubtedly result in tens of millions of deaths in addition to mass destruction.

Indeed, Putin himself cautioned the risk of nuclear battle shouldn’t be underestimated again in December 2018.

He mentioned: “The danger of the situation is being downplayed. It now seems to be impossible, something without crucial importance, but at the same time if something like this would happen this would lead to the collapse of the entire civilization and maybe our planet.

“Unfortunately, we have this trend to underestimate the current situation. There are dangers, there are risks in our day-to-day lives.

“What are those risks? First and foremost, the collapse of the international system of arms control, of moving away from an arms race.”

One of Putin’s closest advisors, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, made related feedback final March, saying if a 3rd world battle had been to occur it will be a “devastating nuclear war”.

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Though the UK possesses the fifth-greatest stockpile in the world, it’s considerably lower than what Russia possesses.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, Britain holds 225 nuclear weapons.

If a nuclear weapon was fired at the UK, it might defend itself by way of the US Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) – often known as the ‘star wars’ defence – which might be used to intercept and destroy a warhead.

Alternatively, the Government can choose to utilize its army’s Type 45 destroyer vessels, which might use their defensive capabilities to fend off any nuclear assault.

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