NATO plot to stop Russia war exposed amid escalation fears ‘Putin respects power’ | World | News

The ex NATO Chief additionally warned that Putin might escalate the war in Ukraine additional. Vladimir Putin has threatened any nation that decides to intervene in his invasion of Ukraine, with harsh nuclear retaliation. Mr Shirreff additionally mentioned how NATO was already gearing up for Russia’s worst. and inspired Western NATO-aligned international locations to present power as claimed  Putin respects that.

BBC host Martha Kearney stated: “I mean it’s all very well for the foreign secretary to say this.

“And as you say it might have to be a long-term goal, however you may see from what President Putin is saying.

“Increasing the alarmist statements, warnings of lightning-quick responses from Russia if Ukraine’s allies meddle, anymore.”

Mr Shirreff informed BBC Radio 4’s Today: “And that’s absolutely to be expected from Putin.

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“And the worst case is war with Russia and by gearing itself up for the worst case it’s most probably to deter Putin.

“Because ultimately Putin respects strength.”

Foreign Secretary of State, Liz Truss insisted the G7 work as NATO would however by means of financial means.

Ms Truss stated at The Mansion House within the City of London: “Now we need a new approach, one that melds hard security and economic security, one that builds stronger global alliances and where free nations are more assertive and self-confident, one that recognises geopolitics is back.”


Ms Truss added:  “Access to the global economy must depend on playing by the rules. There can be no more free passes.

“We are showing this with the Russia-Ukraine conflict – Russia’s pass has been rescinded.

“The G7 should act as an economic NATO, collectively defending our prosperity.

“If the economy of a partner is being targeted by an aggressive regime we should act to support them. All for one and one for all.”

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