Millions of women suffer symptoms of menopause without realising the process has begun

It takes a median of 5 months for women to understand they’re going by means of the menopause whereas struggling the symptoms, in keeping with a ballot of 1,000 women who’ve been by means of, or are going by means of, the process.

As many as 57 p.c struggled to simply accept they have been experiencing the change as they didn’t need to admit to themselves they have been getting previous, and an extra three in ten didn’t see it coming so quickly.

And greater than a 3rd felt they didn’t know sufficient about the adjustments their physique would face, with as many as 47 p.c wishing they knew extra about the menopause process.

Grey hair, loss of intervals, scorching flushes and weight acquire are the prime indicators of ageing recognised by the women polled.

And six in ten related hair loss as the prime signal of ageing for males – whereas solely 4 p.c thought-about this a key signal of the ageing process for women.

In reality, almost two-thirds (64 p.c) of women have been clueless that thinning hair was even half of the menopause process.

But one in three (32 p.c) skilled hair thinning as they went by means of menopause – which got here as a shock to two-thirds of these, as they weren’t anticipating this as a symptom.

Women’s well being skilled Dr Gabrielle Macaulay, working with Nioxin, which commissioned the survey, mentioned: “There are many signs of menopause – often symptoms are so subtle, not many put two and two together.

“Hot flushes and loss of periods are the obvious signs many women look out for, but few actually know that hair thinning and loss can happen with the hormonal changes that occur during menopause.

“It’s a daunting thing to go through changes in our body that we aren’t expecting, so there should be more discussion around the topic.”

Of those that skilled hair thinning, 1 / 4 have been left feeling helpless as they didn’t know what to do, and nearly one in 5 (18 p.c) mentioned they felt ugly.

Furthermore, seven in ten are unaware of the best way to care for his or her hair now it is modified.

And over half (56 p.c) would favor to stop hair thinning quite than remedy it, with many women advising studying up on the topic earlier than experiencing menopause, in order that they know what to anticipate.

As many as a 3rd admit the process wasn’t what they anticipated, with almost 1 / 4 (24 p.c) revealing they by no means discovered about menopause earlier than going by means of it.

Other women advise others to not stress, because it’s only a half of the pure cycle, and to speak about it extra.

However, over 1 / 4 (26 p.c) nonetheless view menopause as a taboo matter.

And solely 15 p.c have a constructive view of the feminine ageing process, in keeping with the survey by OnePoll.

Many have a adverse view as a result of they knew individuals who have beforehand had a nasty expertise (56 p.c), whereas 49 p.c see it as an indication of getting previous.

Mark Blake, a globally famend trichologist for Nioxin, mentioned: “A few years before the onset of the menopause, females start a phase called perimenopause, where the ovaries start to make less estrogen.

“Perimenopause is the start of huge physical changes the body has to adapt to – this is when thinning hair usually starts to happen.

“You don’t usually notice hair thinning until you have lost around 50 percent of your hair’s density – so it may not be noticed until you actually get to menopause itself, even though it has been happening for the last couple of years.

“The best way to deal with menopausal hair thinning is to start treating the problem sooner rather than later, so you can nip it in the bud before it becomes noticeable.

“My advice would be to speak to a qualified trichologist or a hair loss professional, who will advise you on a suitable hair loss regime appropriate for you.

“The Nioxin 3-part System Kits can help with hair thinning the moment you suspect any changes in your hair’s density.”

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