Low libido: Eight natural ways to boost your sex drive – recommended by an expert

Libido, or sex drive, fluctuates naturally over time and varies between people. Many inner and exterior elements can have an effect on libido, and most of the people discover that their inclination for sex declines with age. Certain medicines may also have an effect on sex drive, in addition to well being points corresponding to weight problems and persistent sickness. Other elements affecting libido embody hormone adjustments, sleep patterns, psychological well being, relationship points, train habits and stress.

Clarissa Berry, Nutritionist for DIRTEA, recommends eight natural ways to boost your libido.

Eat aphrodisiac meals

An aphrodisiac is one thing that’s believed to boost sexual need.

Clarissa mentioned: “Some foods traditionally thought of as aphrodisiacs include oysters, chocolate, figs, watermelon, bananas, chilli peppers and pistachio nuts, truffles, and honey. Active components in these foods, along with important vitamins and minerals, can relax the body and mind, increase blood flow to the genitals, boost sex hormone and sperm production, or induce feelings of euphoria (that’s chocolate!).

“Feel free to experiment with what works for you, however most evidence of their effects is anecdotal rather than scientific.”

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Take cordyceps mushroom powder

Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom referred to as ‘natures Viagra’ that has been used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to boost power and sexual vitality.

Clarissa defined: “While its aphrodisiac effects are more traditionally associated with males, recent studies have demonstrated its ability to enhance sexual desire and function in both males and females.

“In males, cordyceps can increase testosterone production, which improves sperm count, increases arousal, and can help with impotence, and it is known to enhance fertility in females.

“It’s important to find a high quality cordyceps supplement to optimise the concentration of active ingredients. Try DIRTEA’s Cordyceps extract powder (£29.99 from, which has a particularly high concentration of active components, made readily available for absorption by the body due to its dual extraction process. It tastes delicious mixed into hot water or can be added to your morning smoothie.”


“Alcohol also interferes with physiological arousal and makes it harder for females to get wet, which can make sex uncomfortable. In males it can affect your ability to get and maintain an erection. Over time, excessive alcohol use can lead to erectile dysfunction.”

Get a superb night time’s sleep

Poor sleep is linked to diminished sexual need, significantly in ladies, mentioned Clarissa.

She continued: “Not getting enough sleep can exacerbate stress, impact mental health and sap energy levels, all of which can affect libido. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep and consider scheduling naps if you can’t get enough at night. You can also optimise your sleep quality by ensuring you sleep in a dark room, keeping your bedroom cool, avoiding screens for an hour before bedtime, drinking adaptogens such as reishi, taking regular exercise and practicing stress-relieving techniques.”

Manage stress and nervousness

While sex itself may be great way to relieve stress, stress can even have an impression on sex drive.

Clarissa mentioned: “An overly busy schedule without time to unwind can cause fatigue and reduced desire for sex. Anxiety can also affect libido and may make it more difficult for males to get and maintain an erection. Managing stress levels is one of the most important things we can all do for our overall health as well as our sex drive. Meditation, breathwork practices, a healthy diet, spending time with friends, improving relationships, time management and exploring therapy are examples of ways to help manage stress and anxiety.

“I also recommend DIRTEA’s Cacao Superblend, a healthy hot chocolate that contains the adaptogens reishi and ashwaghanda, designed to soothe stress and anxiety, elevate the mood and improve sleep quality.”

Exercise commonly, however not an excessive amount of

Exercise can enhance sex drive in a number of ways. Clarissa defined: “Regular exercise increases testosterone production, which can improve sperm count in males and sexual desire in both sexes. Exercise can also elevate mood and self-image, reduce stress, improve circulation, and enhance sexual performance, all of which can lead to increased libido. However, it’s important not to overdo it. Too much exercise can lead to exhaustion, depleting your sex drive.”

Explore your sexuality

Having higher sexual experiences can lead to an elevated need for it, mentioned Clarissa.

She recommended: “Talking about sex with your partner can help you to understand each other’s needs and desires. Self-pleasure can teach you about your own body, which will help you to express your own preferences. Exploring your sexuality and deepening your understanding of yourself and your partner can improve your sex drive and may also improve intimacy within your relationship.”

While these strategies are usually thought of protected, it’s smart to seek the advice of a medical skilled earlier than taking a brand new complement. If you might be involved a couple of change in your sex drive or any associated well being concern, please seek the advice of your physician.

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