Woman forced to lock fridge after spending thousands to slim her two-stone cat

A girl with a pet cat weighing virtually two stone has been forced to put her kitchen on lockdown to forestall the feline from stealing further snacks between mealtimes

Sara has been struggling to get Keith to cease snacking

Going on a weight loss plan isn’t straightforward – and it’s most likely even tougher if you’re a cat.

That’s why one lady has been forced to go to excessive lengths to be certain her overweight feline stops snacking in between mealtimes, as she’s attempting to carry the cat down to a wholesome weight.

Sara Matthews, 47, adopted her rescue cat Keith for her daughter Charlie’s 10 th birthday – and though she knew the 24lb moggy can be a problem, she by no means envisioned simply how troublesome it could be to get Keith to cease snacking.

Despite all Sara’s efforts, a number of completely different diets and repeat vet checks, Keith nonetheless weighs practically two stone and is the load of a medium-sized canine.

The household have been forced to lock their fridge


@keith_the_cat_cow/Kennedy News)

Keith’s Instagram account has over 750,000 followers


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The lady has forked out £2,500 in 2020 alone, and has even resorted to placing childproof locks on her fridge and cabinets to be certain Keith doesn’t steal meals.

Sara, from Bristol, mentioned: “We’ve had child locks on the fridge ever since we got Keith.

“At first he would clamber in if you opened the fridge and I used to be simply so apprehensive he’d get trapped with out us noticing.

“As it’s gone on, we’ve had to put more and more locks on every cupboard with food in. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a circular knob handle or a pulley, he will find a way in.

“One of the final cabinets I Keith-proofed had a heavy bag of litter in entrance of it. He managed to transfer this bag out of the best way and bought into his luggage of meals.

Keith is “a really happy cat” regardless of his weight


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“I’ve now had to put all of his rations in plastic tubs with click down lids. We’ve tried puzzle feeders to slow him down but he’s just tipped them over.”

The lady defined Keith started placing on weight shortly when she first introduced him residence, and ultimately she had to make him an indoor cat as a result of different folks would over-feed him.

And to try to discover an answer for Keith’s medical points, Sara has spent upwards of £2000.

She added: “We’ve spent tens of thousands of pounds on him over the years. He was on so much medication in his first year trying to sort problems with his eyes and ears as a kitten.

“At one level we had meals specifically made for him as he had a urinary downside and the standard meals for that’s so excessive in energy I could not danger him consuming it.

“The food was £70 a bag and he was on that for three years. In 2020 we paid £2,500 for blood tests for Cushing’s disease, diabetes and more, but they all came back negative.

“Because of his size, there is also a concern he might not wake up from any anaesthetic he has.

“Even in the event that they informed us there was one thing unsuitable together with his brain, there can be no therapy for it.

“It’s a vicious circle with him. When he is on antibiotics it causes him further stomach problems so he has to have food with an appetite stimulant to make him want to eat, which exacerbates the weight issues.”

Sara runs an Instagram account for Keith, and the fats feline has greater than 750,000 followers.

And though many individuals love the tubby cat, Sara additionally receives “abuse” from individuals who assume she isn’t wanting after him correctly.

She mentioned: “We do get abuse online and if I’d seen a cat his size years ago I would have thought we weren’t looking after him or overfeeding him.

“That’s simply not the case with Keith. I’ve had cats for 30 years however I’ve by no means had one which’s been this obese. We do not know what else to do.

“When we used to take him to the vets to get him weighed, I’d cry because we were doing everything and he was just getting heavier.

“We took him to a vet nutritionist and he or she informed us we would executed all the pieces we may.”

Despite being more than two times heavier than a regular adult cat, Keith is very happy.

Sara said: “He’s a extremely comfortable cat although. I do not suppose he sees his weight as a difficulty. He just about lives a standard cat life. Keith is much more energetic than my different two cats.

“It’d be superb to get him down to 7kg, however at 9 years previous it could be good to get any weight off him.

“Currently he doesn’t have any medical issues due to his size but we’re worried about what might happen in the future. We don’t want him to develop diabetes or anything like that.”

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