Why the pandemic has led to a boom in the number of male child-minders

“It’s cool to be able to break the taboo surrounding men involved in childcare,” provides Kelvin Genius, a 25-year-old former swimming instructor who works as a childminder at his mom’s nursery. 

“It’s easy to make it seem like a feminine thing to do but when parents see me with the children, that stigma is broken completely and they realise that there are things that men can offer just as much as women,” says Genius. “For boys especially, having a male role model to look up to can definitely help their progress and development.” 

Genius found his ardour for childcare after the closure of swimming swimming pools pressured him to re-evaluate his career. “Working with kids in those lessons has been such a rewarding experience, so I’d been looking for ways to give more to their lives beyond those 30 minute lessons,” he explains. “I thought childcare was the best way to go because of the extent to which I can offer help to children and provide an uplifting experience and give them something to look back on as they grow up.”

While Genius is conscious that his younger fees most likely received’t keep in mind him as they develop up, it’s sufficient to know that the work he’s doing could assist set them up for achievement. “That’s so rewarding. I braced myself for this job but I didn’t realise how quickly and easily the children would form a relationship with me. Their attachment is so genuine and true, it’s very endearing, it’s very heartwarming.” 

And although some individuals may see the job as merely involving operating round with kids whereas their dad and mom are at work, Genius explains that it forces him to use many of the similar expertise that employers search for in extra conventional roles. “I can bring in different creative solutions to problems, I’ve tackled a steep learning curve, I have to be adaptable to the interests and needs of each child; these are very transferable skills, I think.”  

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