What are the symptoms of a blood clot? Warning signs to look out for

Concern over blood clots in a small quantity of sufferers who’ve acquired the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine have led to a quantity of international locations suspending its use.

But out of 18 million individuals who have been vaccinated towards coronavirus by March 24 in the UK, solely 30 individuals had blood clots, and 7 individuals died.

It’s nonetheless not clear whether or not the blood clots are a real facet impact of the AstraZeneca vaccine, or simply a coincidence.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency says the advantages proceed to outweigh any dangers.

Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless essential to bear in mind of the signs and symptoms of blood clots. Here is what you want to know.

What is a blood clot?

Blood clots may be very harmful

Blood clotting is a vital course of in the physique which prevents extreme bleeding once we get a reduce or an harm.

A kind of blood cell known as platelets and proteins in the plasma work collectively to cease the bleeding, and type a clot over the harm.

These will naturally dissolve after the harm has healed.

But typically clots can type on the inside of blood vessels with out there being an apparent harm, and so they don’t dissolve naturally.

These may be harmful and require pressing therapy.

What causes blood clots?

The pill
Blood clots may be brought on by the tablet

Blood clots may be brought on by a quantity of various things.

For instance, some medicines can cease platelets from signalling one another so that they received’t stick collectively.

Some individuals are increased in danger of getting blood clots than others, and genetics additionally play a function.

Certain danger elements, similar to weight problems can gradual the flood of blood to veins, and age can improve the physique’s pure capacity to clot.

Other elements which might improve your danger of growing a blood clot are being pregnant, smoking, oral contraceptives, power inflammatory illness, diabetes, excessive blood strain, excessive ldl cholesterol and extra.

What are the symptoms of a blood clot?

AstraZeneca jab
There has been a small quantity of circumstances of individuals who have had blood clots after the AstraZeneca jab – however there may be nonetheless no clear hyperlink

If you suppose you have got a blood clot, it’s best to get recommendation from 111.

According to the NHS, the symptoms of a blood clot embody:

  • throbbing or cramping ache, swelling, redness and heat in leg or arm
  • sudden breathlessness, sharp chest ache (which can be worse once you breathe in) and a cough, or coughing up blood

Dr Amir Khan additionally shared symptoms individuals ought to be conscious of after having the coronavirus vaccine on Good Morning Britain.

Speaking to Adil Ray and Ranvir Singh, Dr Amir mentioned: “It could be very uncommon these very particular blood clots in the brain, it is common to get minimal unintended effects after having the vaccine similar to a temperature, fevers, chills, complications, but when your complications persist past 4 days after having the vaccine then it’s best to search medical assist.

“Other symptoms include blurred vision and nausea.”

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