‘My playboy dad had multiple girlfriends growing up – but to me it was normal’

Lucciana Benyon is used to the wild aspect of life – there’s not a lot that can make her bat an eyelid.

Working as a mannequin, she’s open-minded and admits that there’s little or no that would shock her.

But whereas most 19-year-old’s may worry telling their dad and mom what occurred on an enormous night time out, Lucciana’s tales are comparatively tame in contrast to her wild dad.

Her millionaire tobacco magnate father is well-known for his notorious polyamorous way of life and infamous events at his raunchy mansion stuffed with scantily clad fashions.

Travers Beynon, AKA The Candyman, has beforehand been dubbed the final word playboy, recognized for filling his home with a string of gorgeous younger fashions.

Lucciana has beforehand modelled for ASOS

But regardless of the wild media headlines and raunchy images on her dad’s Instagram, Lucciana says she grew up in a traditional household house.

The 19-year-old, who was not too long ago signed by Elite Model Management in Miami, began working at McDonald’s aged 15 regardless of her household’s big fortune.

And after spending her childhood surrounded by her dad, step mum Taesha and his quite a few girlfriends, she says polyamory is just not for her.

Speaking solely to The Mirror, Lucciana lifted the lid on what it was like to develop up on the £2million Candy Shop Mansion on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Lucciana and her dad at their home on NYE
Lucciana, 19, posing along with her dad Travers Benyon, credit him for giving her a robust work ethic

Lucciana says her uncommon upbringing helped her change into an open-minded accepting grownup.

She mentioned: “I think it’s probably been the biggest influence in my life other than my mum and dad.

“Just being able to learn to accept different things and think outside the box.

“When you’re brought up in a different and unusual situation, it opens your eyes to other things.

“I feel like I learned a lot, I’m blessed and I wouldn’t take back any of it. I had a really fun life when I was living there, it was so much fun.”

Model Lucciana wearing a green and white bikini in front of the ocean
The mannequin has not too long ago been signed by Elite Model Management in Miami

And she rejected claims that her father is ‘sexist’ following earlier accusations through the years.

Instead, Lucciana says it was “a lot of fun” growing up surrounded by multiple girls dwelling within the mansion at one time.

But she admits that she received’t comply with her dad into the polyamorous world.

She mentioned: “He’s with a few different girls and they’re all together. For me, personally, I couldn’t do that.

“But if you can make it work, you can make it work.”

An everyday attendee at her father’s extravagant home events since she was younger, Lucciana says she grew up shortly and all the time loved dwelling in a busy family.

Lucciana lying down in the sea wearing a bikini
The 19-year-old now lives in West London

She mentioned: “It was never weird for me because obviously growing up like that, I just viewed him as my dad and I love him.

“It was never weird to me despite people saying all these things.

“It’s not as strange as some people would think, I have a relationship with all of the girls that live in the house.

“I get along with everyone, it’s fun. I got to live with a bunch of older girls and was able to watch and learn. This benefited me a lot and they were there for me.

“To see my dad happy. This is all that I care about, I don’t care what he does.”

“When it first started, it was a crazy shock to everyone, people acted like it wasn’t normal. But it’s not too bad now.”

Travers, 49, holds annual events at his Candy Shop Mansion, the place up to 1,200 VIP visitors are chosen from greater than 12,000 candidates to take pleasure in alcohol, performances and stay DJ units.

Dom Perignon flows on the big occasions – which hundreds of wannabe visitors clamour to attend each year.

Previously, he provided to let individuals attend in the event that they agreed to be branded together with his Candy Shop Mansion emblem.

Speaking out about his notorious events in 2019, Travers described the wild occasions as a “place to be free and live out your wildest fantasies without any judgement.”

At the time, he cheekily joked: “The only problem with my party is that my bed only sleeps nine girls.”

Travers and his spouse Taesha have a customized made mattress, the scale of three king sizes, which stands underneath a mirrored ceiling and a stripper pole.

Travers sitting on a ledge with two women wearing dresses and heels on his knee
Lucciana says her dad was a strict father – and taught her the worth of money

Growing up, Lucciana attended the events from a younger age – though she would solely keep for just a few hours at first.

She mentioned: “When we have been youthful, we would not keep for the entire get together.

“He simply needed us to see what he has accomplished as a result of he’s a really inventive individual and he needed to contain us in every little thing.

“When we have been younger, we’d keep for an hour or so through the day so we may see him and the get together.

“As we bought older we began to say the entire night time and, it was it’s like a dream

“I’m so blessed, it was actually the perfect events on the earth.

“He stands free of charge selection – you’ll be able to put on what you need to put on.

Lots of women in a pool and jacuzzi in front of the mansion Lucciana grew up in
The Candyman’s events are very unique – with rumours of untamed nights on the Mansion

“Everybody’s coming in lingerie, everyone’s coming half-naked, no one’s insecure and everyone’s having the best time.

“A lot of people think it was bad to be exposed to these things, but in this society, you’re going to be exposed to it no matter what you do.”

But regardless of his wild way of life, Lucianna mentioned he wasn’t afraid to impose strict guidelines if she went behind his again.

The mannequin was as soon as grounded for 3 months after sneaking out of the household house.

And whereas Travers is claimed to have a internet price of £121million, Lucciana mentioned he was eager to guarantee she by no means took money without any consideration.

She mentioned: “Working at McDonald’s was the start of me studying how to save money.

“It was my first job and I all the time needed to transfer international locations so it was step one in direction of making the strikes I’ve accomplished now.

“It’s all the time been necessary to me to make my very own money and that’s due to my dad.

“I feel I might have been a special individual if I had a special father.

Lucciana wearing a plunging swimsuit in front of some rocks while standing in the sea
Lucciana has spoken to the Mirror about her uncommon upbringing – and hopes for the longer term

“Obviously he’s the one that’s wealthy but like a lot of people with rich fathers, they get what they want and it’s an easy life.

“But he’s not like that. My brother and I were working in McDonald’s at a young age.

“The first lesson we learned was the value of money – and you can’t learn that until you have your own money.

“He didn’t just buy anything that we wanted.”

The 19-year-old now lives in West London in a bid to additional her modelling career – and hopes to comply with within the footsteps of her mum Ninibeth Leal, who was topped Miss World in 1991.

Lucciana sitting on a rock wearing a swimsuit by the ocean
The 19-year-old is following within the footsteps of her mum and dad

She says her dad, who was a global mannequin throughout twenty years, taught Lucciana the methods of the modelling world from a younger age.

Since arriving in London, she has modelled for varied main UK manufacturers, together with a bikini marketing campaign for ASOS.

Lucciana mentioned: “Modelling is going well, I’ve just signed with Elite Model Management in Miami.

“My goal is to get to America and one of the places I want to be in Miami for bigger things.

“So I’m very excited about that – I’m just waiting for coronavirus to go away.”

“My biggest goal is to move to America and become a supermodel.”

Check out Lucciana’s Instagram here.

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