‘My mum is refusing to recognise my son as family over my choice of baby identify’

A soon-to-be dad has mentioned his mum needs nothing to do with the baby after he selected to identify his youngster after a online game character somewhat than his late uncle.

The man defined that he and his accomplice met by way of taking part in video video games collectively on-line, and the pair “couldn’t be happier” that they’re now anticipating just a little boy later within the year.

Their son will probably be first grandchild on either side of the family, and the 27-year-old mentioned that everybody is overjoyed for them and excited to meet the toddler.

When discussing baby names, the person mentioned he and his spouse have been “greatly moved” by the story of a personality named Arthur Morgan within the online game Red Dead Redemption 2, and contemplate him to be “one of the best fictional characters of all time”.

The dad has been left torn over whether or not he is doing the proper factor (stock picture)

He revealed: “It was my wife who suggested that we use Arthur Morgan as the first and middle names for our son.

“Not solely would we be paying tribute to our favorite character, however there’s nothing incorrect or ‘bizarre’ concerning the names, aside from Arthur is just a little old school now. But it is not as if we’re naming him Sonic the Hedgehog or Donkey Kong.”

However, he says his mum had been “pressuring” the couple to name him after her late brother, who died when the soon-to-be dad was about a year old.

His brother let slip that he was planning to name his son after a video game character instead, and he says his mum “fully flipped out” on the information.

“She actually drove 30 minutes to our house so she could bang on our door and berate us in person for honouring someone who doesn’t actually exist over her flesh-and-blood sibling,” he wrote on Reddit.

“I understand that she still misses my uncle, but while this is may be her grandchild, he is still first and foremost our son and we already think of him as Arthur.

“When we tried gently (after which firmly) to advise her that we revered her position however that we weren’t going to budge on ours, she walked out and advised us that she would don’t have anything to do with our son and would by no means acknowledge him as family.”

He added: “I’ve truly at all times had a extremely good relationship along with her and it will harm badly not to have her in my life or my son’s life.”

After asking for advice as to whether he should change the name he plans on giving his son to placate his mum, people unanimously told him to hold firm.

One said: “Your youngster, you resolve. Children are individuals, not memorials.”

And a second wrote: “You are selecting a wonderfully regular identify that has ties to the way you and your spouse met. It’s candy. My daughter is named for the town my husband and I honeymooned in (it is a regular ladies identify, don’t fret).

“This is your child – she got to name her kids, you get to name yours. She is overstepping.”

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