‘My husband’s friend told me that he does bad things about me and now I love him even more’

There are always ups and downs in long-term relationships, but each time something happens that reminds you why you are with them.

Marriage is often associated with routine and worldliness, but a distraught wife was surprised by a sweet gesture from her husband.

The woman shared that she has recently come to know that her husband tells her about her childhood friends, which has changed her perception.

She explained that her husband is still in contact with his school friends through online communities and gaming platforms.

One day her husband left the room during a call and he talked to a friend of his to pass the time.

People said they expected a relationship like she was (stock image)

She was surprised by the conversation and realized that her husband was talking about her more than she felt.

He said: “I was making small talk with my friend when he was gone, and he asked me about a project I was working on.

“When I asked how he knew about it, he said that my husband is always talking about me and bragging about my cooking and other things I do.”

The post on Reddit stated: “He said that it always boggles him because he has always been a sarcastic person and praised her as an insult when talking about someone else.

“10 years of marriage, and I love this boy more than ever.”

One user said in the comments: “This is my husband, he does not like feelings, but drunk he is all hugs and kisses that you get him a bit.”

Another hopeful comment said: “This is what I hope to meet one day. All the money in the world cannot buy it.

In response, another user responded: “Just as someone thinks they have it, you can’t find it, it finds you.”

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