‘My ex tried to hide a baby from me in the supermarket – I think I could be the dad’

The finish of a relationship can be tough for all concerned and sometimes when a couple breaks up, one or each may by no means want to see or communicate to the different once more.

One younger man has not too long ago advised how he and his girlfriend broke up final summer season as the relationship wasn’t working.

In an nameless post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, the unnamed 26-year-old from the UK confessed that they each nonetheless had emotions for his or her earlier companions and so they weren’t collectively for very lengthy.

Their relationship solely lasted a month, in accordance to the man, however they did sleep collectively throughout this time.

He actually desires to discover out if he is the dad (stock photograph)

He claims he hadn’t seen her in a whereas, however not too long ago ran into his ex whereas out at the supermarket and when she noticed him she tried to hide the reality she has a three-month-outdated baby.

The man says he’s “convinced” the baby is his as the timings work out.

However, the girl is refusing to let him do a DNA take a look at to discover out the fact.

Writing on Reddit, he mentioned: “Last year my girlfriend (24f) and I (26m) broke up (At the end of June/July) because we realised it wasn’t working and we both still had feelings for our previous ex’s.

“We have been solely collectively for one month however we had intercourse. Now she has a three-month-outdated and I’m satisfied he’s my baby. I noticed her in Asda (UK) and she or he tried to hide. I messaged her and she or he advised me she received’t let me do a take a look at however she has no proof he’s not my son, he was 8lbs 4oz when he was born though she says he was one month early.

“I’m no expert but this seems a little far-fetched to me. I want to know if this baby is my son because I would like the chance to step up but would I be an a**hole to demand a DNA test to be sure?”

He provides that if the take a look at have been to come again unfavorable, he would depart her alone for good, but when it have been optimistic he desires a relationship with the baby.

“If she is telling the truth he would have been conceived in August because he was born in April but if he’s mine he would have been conceived in June/July?”

More than 700 individuals have since responded to the Reddit submit, with many joking that the scenario seemed like one thing from the Jeremy Kyle Show and others suggesting the younger man communicate to a lawyer.

One mentioned: “Shame Jeremy Kyle is no longer around lol.”

Another replied: “Paternity Tests Should be mandatory anyway. No you would NTA if ask for paternity test, in fact you should demand it.”

However, others thought that his ex could be telling the fact as they’d had comparable experiences.

A 3rd wrote: “I had a 9lb 36weeker, and we were positive of the dates. So it does happen.”

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