Mum warned child will face a “lifetime of bullying” over “totally unsuitable” name

A mum-to-be has been warned towards giving her son the name of her favorite character within the TV present ‘Supernatural.’

The fashionable present follows demon hunters Sam and Dean Winchester searching monsters.

There are a lot of characters that the mum-to-be might have taken inspiration from, together with the 2 aforementioned heroes.

But her alternative will actually go away you scratching your head.

She wish to name her son Lucifer , the satan, performed by actor Mark Pellegrino.

Unsurprisingly, her household are lower than impressed, together with her 22-year-old sister taking to Reddit and asking for recommendation.

She needs to name her son after her favorite character on Supernatural

She wrote: “My 25-year-old sister is eight months pregnant with a baby boy.

“The entire household is tremendous excited for her and we are able to’t wait to fulfill her son.

“Her boyfriend freaked out and left when she told him, so she’s on her own and has come to our other siblings for baby name suggestions and stuff.

“It’s changed into a huge occasion between us since she’s the primary sibling to have a child and we’ve all given her an ungodly great amount of name strategies, so she determined to do a video name with us to announce it.

“She picked Lucifer.

“The entire name was silent for like a full minute after which one of my brothers requested her if that was a joke and he or she bought mad and left the decision.

“I texted her after and apologized for how we all took it but said maybe she should consider how a name like that would affect her son’s life.

“She bought very very indignant and stated she thought I’d perceive as a result of we each are enormous followers of the present Supernatural.

“I agreed that I loved the show and loved that she wanted to name her son after one of the characters, but I didn’t know about naming him Lucifer.”

Following the awkward name, the pair have not spoken and now the lady is on the lookout for recommendation on whether or not she overstepped the road.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of individuals agreed together with her that it was a horrible name alternative.

“Wanting to protect your nephew from a lifetime of bullying is a good [aunt] move. Sorry, your sister wants to name her kid after the devil,” wrote one.

Another added: “No kid deserves to be saddled with all that commentary from schoolmates.

“Not to say potential hazard, and I’m critical. If there’s an emergency and he calls 911, they usually ask him for his name and he says Lucifer and is insistent on it there’s a distinct likelihood it may very well be mistaken for a prank name.”

A third commented: “As a fellow fan of Supernatural… she could not have chosen Dean? Sam? Hell, Castiel would’ve been a more sensible choice.

“Yes, it’s her choice, but her choice is going to cause years of bullying, religious confusion, and basically make it hell for your nephew. Plus naming your kid after a show isn’t going go down well.”

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