Mum sparks debate by admitting she hasn’t raised kids to believe in Santa or Tooth Fairy

When it comes to parenting, everybody has their very own fashion and strategies and these can at instances be fairly divisive.

One mum has definitely brought on a stir after revealing that she is elevating her kids not to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy.

In a publish on TikTook, Nevada Shareef defined her causes for doing this and admitted folks have instructed her they suppose it is “weird”.

But the father or mother claims she thinks it is wholesome for her little ones as she’s not mendacity to them.

She defined: “Name something about the way you raise your kids that people think is weird, but you think has been really healthy for them. I’ll go first…

Nevada’s parenting technique has gone viral on TikTook

“So I’ve never told me kids that there was a Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy at all and my reasoning behind that is, I never wanted to build my children’s childhood on lies.

“I by no means needed to build their hopes up, solely to have them crushed later.

“I was often criticised, saying that I’m not allowing my children to have an imagination, or I’m not allowing my children to be a child, but actually I’m allowing my children to have imaginations of their own choosing. I didn’t put imaginary creatures in their head.”

She continued: “They still got Christmas presents, they still got Easter baskets and I personally rewarded them and praised them for getting their teeth out and all the other things that people normally get.

“I simply did not make them believe in one thing that wasn’t true.”

Nevada’s video has been watched over 300,000 times and garnered more than 63,000 likes.

Thousands of people have commented on the clip, with many divided over it and some sharing their own unusual parenting decisions.

One person said: “Personally I do not share the identical opinions however 100% respect yours. Just please train your kids not to spoil Santa and so forth for different kids.”

Another wrote: “As a trainer, I as soon as had a 12-year-old child inform me ‘all adults lie about Santa Claus and Easter Bunny, how do we all know what’s true?’ and I virtually cried.”

A third replied: “I let my son resolve when he would get his first haircut. People had been outraged that I let my little one resolve how he appeared.”

Someone else commented: “I permit my kids to question me. My mother says they speak again, however I need them to be sturdy and question authority.”

A different user added: “I truthfully beloved it as a child. When I realised they weren’t actual, I did not actually care. I used to be like, okay cool.”

A sixth added: “To every it is personal, however constructing childhood on a lie and crushing goals is far-fetched to me. As you get older you simply sort of realise it is not actual.”

While a seventh agreed with Nevada, saying: “That’s how I used to be raised and I appreciated my dad and mom extra for it. I noticed how a lot they did for me to give me a childhood primarily based on actuality not fantasy.”

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