Mum slammed for trying to change daughter’s nickname because she’s a twin

A mum has been slammed after she tried to change her daughter’s nickname.

The daughter defined that her mum not too long ago tried to intervene after studying her 18-year-old daughter had been given a nickname by fellow school college students.

She requested for recommendation on whether or not she acted unreasonably after feeling responsible that her mum was upset.

But individuals on Reddit comforted her and suggested that she wasn’t within the unsuitable.

She wrote: “My mother (35F) gave matching names to my twin and me (18F).

Her twin modified her nickname as a teenager

“I don’t want to give away our real names, so I’ll pretend our names are Eleanor and Eliza, which both have the nickname Ellie.

“My mom has been very insistent since we have been little that if our names are to be shortened, my sister will get to bear the title of Ellie and I can solely go by Liz/Lizzie.

“When we were 12, my twin decided that Ellie is too feminine for her and started to go by Eli.

“The solely one that nonetheless calls my sister Ellie is our mom. Everywhere else she goes by Eli and sometimes Eleanor for skilled causes.

“I decided to go to a college a few hours away. Basically nobody there has met my family.

“The solely ones who know I’ve a twin are people who I’ve instructed.

“Some of the buddies that I’ve made began to name me Ellie months in the past and I didn’t care.

Shot of two sisters sitting apart outside after a disagreement
The mum would not just like the nickname

“I asked my sister if she was cool with it and she said it was fine.

“While I didn’t preserve it a secret from my mom, I hadn’t instructed her both.”

But she explains that her mum recently confronted her after discovering that she now goes by Ellie.

The woman continued: “Yesterday, she came upon because of a social media put up.

“She texted me a screenshot of someone calling me Ellie on Facebook with the message, “LoL how did they mix u up”. I told her they didn’t confuse us and that some classmates are calling me that now.

“She referred to as me about an hour later and requested if I used to be trying to damage her emotions.

“I told her that I didn’t ask anyone to call me that, they just started it because it’s a ‘natural’ nickname.

“I additionally reminded her that Eli hasn’t passed by Ellie in years, and I requested her first.

“She replied that I should have immediately corrected them because names are an important part of identity. If I go by Ellie, I would start taking on my sister’s characteristics and I would never be a separate person from her. (This is kind of hard to explain, but I felt like my mother was taking advantage of feelings I had shared with her about struggling to feel like and be seen as an individual. It was part of why I chose the school that I did.)

“She ended with a guilt journey about how she had chosen names that have been very particular to her and that she had identified I used to be Eliza and never Eleanor from the second she noticed me.”

Support for the woman’s mum was in short supply on Reddit’s ‘Am I The A**hole forum?”

One particular person replied: “Your mum doesn’t get to decide your name as an adult.”

Another commented: “If it’s cool with your sister go for it, it sucks for your mom but that’s what you get when you name to twins similar name.”

A 3rd replied: “Your mom is insane. This is an insane level of controlling.”

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