Mum slammed as she charges teen daughter rent then spends it on her son

A mum has divided opinions on-line as she revealed that she charges her daughter rent however not her son.

In an nameless put up on Mumsnet, the girl, who lives within the UK, defined that she has two kids, a 17-year-old daughter who’s working full-time on an apprenticeship course and an 18-year-old son who’s about to start out college.

Whilst her daughter is anticipated to provide her 25 per cent of her take-home pay, which she revealed was £12,000, to cover her rent, maintain and petrol, her son on the opposite hand is anticipated to pay nothing.

What’s extra, he’ll obtain monetary assist from his dad and mom while he is learning there.

She defined: “We will be in a position of taking money from DD [darling daughter] and sending money to DS [darling son], which has totally changed the dynamic.

She stated it’s induced a divide (stock picture)

“I’m really conscious of causing resentment from DD who already suffers a bit with middle child syndrome and jealousy.

“I need DD to contribute for many causes, none of which go away simply because DS now wants three extra years of assist.”

She asked Mumsnet what they would do if they were in her situation and whether she was doing the right thing, writing: “How do you sq. this with out inflicting resentment?” – and users were quick to share their opinions.

Whilst a few people thought 25 per cent was “too harsh”, others thought the amount they asked for was “spot on.”

One individual stated: “I’d be furious if I was handing up money & my older brother was scott-free and being supported just because he chose to go to uni. Lots of people work and are in education at the same time.

“An apprenticeship can also be a type of schooling and also you’re in peril of inserting your son greater within the pecking order in your DD’s eyes simply because he selected a 3rd stage establishment. You cannot educate one accountability and never the opposite.”

Someone else said: “I feel it’s best to present them with the identical. So should you’re protecting your son’s lodging then you should not be charging your daughter for hers. If you are protecting his meals prices then you should not be charging his daughter for hers.”

“Omg I am unable to imagine folks really cost their CHILD rent. Wow. Shocked me,” added a 3rd.

But another person commented: “I always had to pay board, even when I earned a low apprenticeship wage. Resented it at the time but got used to it. Then when I went to uni (4 years later than the normal age) I was completely self-sufficient.”

One individual then wrote: “No working adult should live rent-free, so in terms of your DD I think you’ve got things pretty much spot on. If she’s got £200 in her hand to play with each week then she’s not badly off.

“Uni is completely different as a result of it’s so costly and your circs as dad and mom are considered. So the onus is on you to high up the grant – he’d get extra (i assume) should you could not afford this.

“It’s two different circumstances and I wouldn’t allow DD to conflate this – however, I would make sure DS was taking all the loans he’s entitled to and that his walking around money (funded by you) isn’t more than DD’s – if he wants more, he can work for it.”

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