Mum shares ‘genius’ parenting hack that gives her a ‘peaceful child-free hour’ each week

It’s no secret that being a dad or mum could be nerve-racking and laborious work.

Obviously, there are many great, magical issues about having kids, however once in a while mums and dads will crave a little time to themselves.

And it appears one mum has discovered the right approach to obtain simply this.

A TikTok consumer named Kirsty Foley has shared a video through which she explains how she manages to get not less than one “peaceful” child-free hour to herself each week.

Her ‘parenting hack’ has been branded “genius” and her video has been watched greater than 200,000 instances.

In the clip, Kirsty, a scholar midwife, could be seen sitting in her automotive consuming a chocolate doughnut.

Alongside this, she says: “Parenting life hack…

“Step one: Tell different dad or mum you are off to do the meals store.

“Step two: Grab coffee and snacks.

“Step three: Go and accumulate the press and accumulate order you already pre-ordered.

“Step four: Enjoy your peaceful child free hour+.”

Kirsty shared the ‘parenting hack’ on TikTok

The mum-of-four later clarified in a follow-up video on TikTok that her husband is conscious that she does this, so she’s not tricking him into taking care of their kids.

She added: “In lockdown, the only outing you get is the shop because you should ‘Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives’, so I take some extra time in the car with my husband’s knowledge.

“We get our personal time however this time is the one time I get to eat my very own doughnut alone with out having the mum guilt of already leaving them after I spend lengthy days working.

“So I do a two in one. When I would usually spend one hour in a shop, I now get to use that as ‘self-care’.”

A screenshot from TikTok showing a woman sitting in her car eating a doughnut
Thousands of individuals appreciated her video

Many folks cherished her parenting hack and took to the feedback to inform her.

One particular person mentioned: “Took me two hours the other day… the ‘queue was huge’.”

Another wrote: “My son has moved out now, so I just send my husband shopping. That’s my break from him.”

“If only I wasn’t a single parent,” replied a third.

Someone else commented: “I do this and drive the long way home.”

“Well I think you are a hero for sharing this,” admitted a completely different consumer.

A sixth added: “Why did I not think of doing this?!!! Thank you!!!!”

“Thank you for your contribution to the sisterhood,” joked a seventh.

“OMG this is genius,” proclaimed a fellow dad or mum.

Do you will have a parenting hack to share? Let us know within the feedback beneath.

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