Mum in tears after finding out ex’s girlfriend pierced daughter’s ears without permission

A mum has shared her upset after discovering that her ex’s girlfriend pierced her daughter’s ears without her permission whereas she was staying together with her dad for every week

The mum is upset in regards to the piercings (stock picture)

Navigating co-parenting after a separation will be fairly tough and it may possibly get even tougher when there are different folks concerned.

One mum has lately discovered this to be true after her younger daughter went to stick with her dad and his girlfriend for every week.

The three went away for every week, however when the lady returned residence, her mom quickly observed one thing was totally different about her.

While on vacation, the lady had gotten her ears pierced without the mum’s information or permission – and it turned out her dad additionally had no clue about her new jewelry.

Upset that his girlfriend had accomplished this to her daughter without asking, the unnamed dad or mum took to Mumsnet to share her story and ask others if they might be bothered by this.

She did not ask her mum in regards to the piercings (stock picture)


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She wrote: “Am I being unreasonable for being upset and angry because my ex’s girlfriend pierced my daughter’s ears?

“Basically, I co-parent with my ex and it was his time with daughter. Him and his GF took her away for every week’s break, all beautiful.

“Yesterday she came home and was hiding her ears behind her hair and also looking very sheepish. I had her on my lap, giving her a cuddle and realised that her ears got pierced.

“I stored my cool and complimented the gorgeous earrings that she had in, however after I spoke to my ex later, he had no clue and he needed to ask his GF. Apparently, the GF went to the outlets with my daughter and thought it was a pleasant factor for them to do collectively.”

The mum goes on to say: “My ex is apologetic, I’m just so upset.

“On prime of that the earrings are simply costume jewelry and now I have to take her to the correct place to ensure that the piercing is clear and therapeutic.

“We have never even talked about having her ears pierced, I feel that I was blindsided. I would have much preferred them to bond over a shopping or a fun activity, not over my child getting her ears pierced.”

She added that her daughter could be very enthusiastic about her earrings and so she hasn’t shared her true emotions together with her little one, however she is “so sad” about the entire thing and did even cry over it that night.

More than 300 folks have responded to the publish, with many sharing help and agreeing they might additionally really feel upset.

One stated: “I’d be raging! At least ex is also apologetic about it. I’d be so tempted to have her done for assault of a minor but that might not stick/may be over the top. Can you at least complain strongly to the shop that they allowed a minor to be pierced with permission of someone not her legal guardian/parent.”

Another replied: “I’d be upset too, that’s totally overstepping boundaries and where even pierces children’s ears without using hypoallergenic jewellery? Where did she get them done? I’d be sending your ex the bill for the new earrings too.”

A 3rd added: “I don’t think the problem lies with DD having her ears pierced. The problem lies in the fact the ex’s GF did it without seeking permission from EITHER parent, even if ex knew it should have been a mutual decision between the parents.”

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