Mum demonstrates how to hold a baby to stop them crying instantly

Trying to console your crying baby could really feel like mission inconceivable at occasions, however one mum has shared a trick you need to use that she says is assured to stop your baby from crying instantly.

The mum demonstrated “swaddling,” the normal apply of wrapping a baby tightly in a blanket to make them really feel calm, on TikTok the place she’s generally known as @dtx_lady – and says it is “the greatest mom hack for new mothers.”

At the beginning of the video, which has been seen greater than 7.1 million occasions, the lady will be seen holding her very upset tot.

But inside a few seconds of demonstrating the hold, her baby has stopped crying, proving the hack to be a success.

She swears by the trick

“OK so what you’re gonna wanna do is switch your baby’s position from facing you to gently turning them over,” explains the mum of two.

“Make sure their arms are crossed within the swaddle. Make sure that their neck is supported as well so that they can breathe.

“Gently rock them forwards and backwards and I promise you it really works each single time!”

Mum sharing TikTok hack to stop baby crying
She swaddled her baby

Since being posted the video has been appreciated greater than 1.8 million occasions and has acquired virtually 7,500 feedback from grateful mother and father.

One individual stated: “Not me saving this for when I have kids.”

Another wrote: “My baby is a month old today and I needed this this morning!”

“I used this trick with my nephew and everyone wondered why I was able to quieten him down,” added a third.

Whilst a fourth individual put: “Taking note even though my kids are 2, 3 and 6…”

Mum sharing TikTok hack to stop baby crying
Within seconds her baby stopped crying

The concept behind the approach, in accordance to the National Childbirth Trust, is that it’s going to assist your toddler really feel comfortable and safe, like how they felt in your womb.

But if not executed safely it may improve their probability of creating hip dysplasia (a developmental drawback with a baby’s hip joint) and will put them vulnerable to overheating.

Swaddling ought to solely be launched when your baby is a new child it states, and as quickly as they present indicators that they are ready to roll over, they need to be transitioned away from it.

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